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OMG, this woodwork

Published : Dec 10, 2017, 7:50 am IST
Updated : Dec 10, 2017, 7:50 am IST

Furniture, it seems is among the most coveted of possessions for some. And these exclusive one-off pieces break the bank, oozing comfort!

Baldi’s rock crystal bathtub
 Baldi’s rock crystal bathtub

You probably don’t think much of furniture when you sink into your comfy chair or bed at the end of a long day but these historic pieces are sure to make you sit up and take notice! These exquisite pieces are nothing short of works of art with a story of their own, making them timeless and at the top of every furniture collector’s list.

Baldi’s rock crystal bathtub at $1,166,450
The Rock-crystal bathtub is nothing short of a masterpiece. Fit for three people at a time, the £22,000 creation was carved out of a single block of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest. The tub’s designer maintained the natural finish the crystal had on the outside which only adds to it’s aesthetic appeal. This is one sweet dip!

Parnian Custom Bed starting at $38,000
The world’s most expensive bed spells luxury as the Arizona-based furniture manufacturer Parnian, holds to its merit a creation worthy of being showcased as art. These customised beds priced at $38,000 can go up to $210,000 depending on the materials and accessories chosen for it. Fittings for the royal snooze-spot include iPad holders, charging stations, swivel TVs and computer monitors complete with hidden compartments. The gold and stainless steel detailing can be customised with handmade mattress options with all-natural materials made. A version of the bed is on display at the company’s Scottsdale headquarters.

Parnian Custom Bed starting

Hästens Vividus Mattress at $150,000
Although this mattress seems a bit much for a bed, it’s pinewood frame with steel springs, and layers of flax, horsetail hair, and cotton and wool batting was built by four master artisans at the Hästens workshop in Köping, Sweden. This seemingly normal bed was created after more than a decade of research, perfecting it to regulate body temperature and provide support to create what can be only be called a “perfect night’s sleep” without using any heat-trapping rubber or plastic materials. Each Vividus is built to order and takes upto 10 weeks to reach delivery.

Hästens Vividus Mattress

The Tufft Table at $4.6 million
Named after its creator Thomas Tufft, The Tufft pier table was handcrafted in the 1700s for general store owner Richard Edwards of Lumberton, New Jersey. More stunning than it’s price is the fact that this table has been maintained in pristine condition for over two centuries adding to its charm and quality. The antique table features pierced fretwork and long legs ending in narrow ankles and detailed ball-and-claw feet.

The Tufft Table

Badminton Cabinet at $36.7 Million
The priciest item in this list and in the world possibly, the Badminton Cabinet from the 18th century took six years to complete. Commissioned by Henry Somerset, the cabinet was named after the Badminton House, where he reigned as Duke in Gloucestershire, England. It took 30 experts to put together The Florentine ebony chest which measures 3.8 metres tall by 2.3 metres wide. The piece is supported by stately legs and crowned with a gilded bronze top. The chest is inlaid with semiprecious stones in an elaborate surface decoration. Medici artisans used a technique called pietra dura to create painterly scenes across the surface of the grand cabinet dotting it with gems and semi-precious stones.

Badminton Cabinet

Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten Office Chair at $1.5 million
There really is not much left to say about a chair created by the same establishment that produced world class automobiles like the Ferrari and Maserati, except wow! Titles as the best office chair in the world, this beauty was created keeping in mind both style and ergonomic comfort.

Everything about the Xten is revolutionary from stellar support, seating, comfort and control. The chair uses Technogel, a unique polyeurethane material which intends to reduce stress on the back, and Dynatec, a fabric previously designed for Olympic athletes.

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