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  Age on Sunday   12 Jan 2020  An art of Passion!

An art of Passion!

Published : Jan 12, 2020, 4:26 am IST
Updated : Jan 12, 2020, 4:26 am IST

This young photographer’s compassion for the world he lives in is a true lesson!

Let the nature embrace your true spirits
 Let the nature embrace your true spirits

Sometimes the smallest of things can inspire us to explore a whole new world. For this 24-year- old photographer, the compassion to embrace the beauty in everything is what inspired him to capture the true essence of emotions. Bharat Manjunath Upadhya who has garnered much recognition for his brilliant work believes that everyone has a purpose in life. To freeze time and to embark on a journey. Appreciating the purpose of every being is what gives him the yen to embrace the photographer in him.  

Speaking about when he discovered his love for photography Bharat says, “I come from the time when mobile phones were the most sophisticated gadgets. And, the only feature that got me captivated was the camera. From not knowing how important light and pixels were, I began clicking pictures of everything around me and with it came the art of storytelling. The fact that everything has a story got me addicted to photography.”   

Reminiscing the first picture he clicked with his first professional camera, Bharat adds, “The minute I got my DSLR, I clicked a picture of a bulb beside a leaf and the story for that is that you can make the best use of the limited resources you have around and still stand tall (in this case the process of photosynthesis with the light from a bulb.)”

Falling into a monotonous lifestyle was never his forte says Bharat. With a vision to make a difference he aims at telling stories through his photography. He says, “With two of the strongest tools – photography and storytelling – I aim at reminding people of the beautiful ecosystem that we live in, which we have been taking for granted! We need to protect the environment and we need to live and let live. The relationship between humans and nature is wonderful and we must not ruin its sanctity.”

In the light of seeing large rainforests and home to many burning down, young activists like Bharat seem to give us a ray of hope. Reminding ourselves of those little memories we’ve had with nature, this is our call to wake up and try to make a difference.

Giving a word of wisdom to aspiring photographers he says, “It is essential to take that step forward and click whatever draws your attention until you realise your genre. Try looking at things around you with a whole new perspective. Once you have discovered your inner calling, practise till you are perfect. Do not let anything come in the way of you and your passion for photography.”

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