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Move like a beast

Published : Oct 14, 2018, 12:16 am IST
Updated : Oct 14, 2018, 12:16 am IST

Animal Flow exercises takes you back to your primitive form and helps strengthen your body.

Bear Crawl
 Bear Crawl

Through the process of evolution, humans have grown to be more refined and poised when it comes to walking, running or even working out. But this workout is not just a fun way to tweak your workout routine but also works on different aspects of fitness. As the name suggests Animal Flow is inspired from the movements of animals and is a great way  to elevate your strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility. As Prashant Arora, Head Coach at MultiFit says, “Animal flow is basically getting to know your body. Because you’re mimicking the way animals move so basically, if you can move your body in different ways, then you’re getting to know your body better. It’s about body awareness.” This form of exercise helps you develop better muscle coordination because of better neuromuscular transit of muscle and mind. Although a little complex, once perfected, these exercise can help you gain better control over your body. The form of exercise is very common but is a hit among athletes, since they need to coordinate between various muscle group for optimum performance.

Bear Crawl
For people looking to strengthen their core, this is the perfect exercise. Apart from working the abdomen muscles, it also works on your shoulder muscles and improves overall body coordination.

Get in a plank position with your hands and feet shoulder length apart.  
Keep your back straight.
Move forwards alternating between left and right side of your body, mimicking a bear’s movement.


Bear to crab walk
This tricky exercise is a great to improve body coordination. It also improves nerve strength and helps in mobility building.

Get into the bear crawl position.
Now lift your left leg and place it where your right hand was.
Simultaneously place your right hand in place of your left leg.
Twist your body so that your body will turn upside down and you’ll get into a crab position.
Now repeat the same with right leg and left hand to get back into bear position.


Monkey jump/roll
A fun flowing exercise, this will strengthen your arms and shoulders. Apart from that, it also works on your upper body muscles including chest.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend over and place your hands on the ground.
Transfer your body weight on your hands and push your hips up in the air so that your feet is off the ground.
Make sure to keep your legs at 90 degree angle with your hips.
Now twist your hips towards right of your body and place them back on the ground.
Switch sides and perform the exercise again, and keep the monkey roll going.


Crab walk
Mirror opposite of a bear crawl, this one is more challenging and is great full body workout, as this works on your shoulder flexibility, strengthen your triceps, hamstrings and glutes.

For this, you need to get into a reverse plank position, so  that your belly is facing upwards.
Make sure your arms and legs are shoulder width apart and push your hips upwards.
Walk forwards, backwards or sideways.

Information and exercises provided by Prashant Arora, Head Coach, MultiFit

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