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Don’t look now, Tabu is changing

Published : Oct 15, 2017, 3:56 am IST
Updated : Oct 15, 2017, 3:56 am IST

Comfortable with both serious and comic roles, Tabu is someone who wears her identity on her sleeve. she sits down with us for a quick chat.


Tabu is the thinking man’s actress. Known for her hard-hitting roles that have depth, the actress, in her long career, has proved her acting chops over and over again. So when Tabu said that she would be doing a caper like Golmaal Again, it made her fans sit up and take notice. In a chat, the actress tells us what made her take up the film, her plans and more. Excerpts:

How does it feel to be part of the Golmaal franchise?
I’m very thrilled because I have no responsibility. I’m so happy to be part of this madness and franchise. They have made the whole franchise; I have come here as a guest, and they’ve hosted me. It has been fun and it has had a different energy altogether. It’s been quite a fun ride.

Word is that you took the film up without reading the script…
I always expressed a desire to be part of Golmaal. I told Rohit (Shetty, director) ‘Whenever you make another instalment, please take me along. I will just stand and enjoy watching what you are doing.’ I knew that after so much, Rohit wouldn’t let me down in terms of character and role, and that he will cast me well. Even if it was to be for one scene, it would be for something substantial. So I was not worried about that at all. I had already decided I wanted to do this, so I had the trust in Rohit.

Were you craving a change after Haider, Fitoor and Drishyam?
I was ready and prepared to do this kind of a film. For me, the practical experience of doing such a film was more important, even though I don’t have a comic part. I’m probably the only serious person in this film. To be in a set-up like this is very refreshing. From time to time, you feel the need to have such an experience where you’re engaged with so much madness around you. I knew what I wanted.

You’re often perceived as a serious person in real life, like you are in films. Is that really the case?
I laugh almost every minute — that’s how I am. I’ll tell you something. I had gone to watch Om Shanti Om with my friends and my sister had also come for the show. I didn’t know she was there and she was sitting in another row. During the interval, she called me to ask if I was there because she could hear my laughter. I’m crazy with my friends, so I laugh that way. I cannot be around people who don’t have a sense of humour. I really feel the need to laugh; it’s also an integral part of my family.

Do you find it difficult to break out of the serious stereotype roles?
Stereotyping is a problem everyone faces and not just me. I’m not wishing too consciously break my image, but I’m not stopping it from breaking either. You can’t change your image. You can’t undo what you have done for so many years. You can only keep growing. People think such characters suit me, which I’m grateful for, because this is my niche and my zone. I’m so honoured to have made my mark on it. It has happened so organically and unconsciously. So I don’t want to break my image.

So, what kinds of scripts are coming your way now?
People will never stop casting me in serious roles, because something in me evokes the dark and intense side in the directors too. So that’s great, because I love doing that, and I suit that. The ratio of comedy films offered to me is very low. Even Golmaal Again happened after seven years. People hardly make comedy films and cast female actors for those roles — that hardly happens. People say ‘Tabu does serious roles’. But who makes comedies with actresses?

How is life being single at 41?
I don’t know if life is good or bad being single. It’s about the whole package. But my life is great at this moment. It’s exactly at the place I want it to be in, and the way it should have been. I’m happy with the way it’s going right now. I’m in control and I have my independence, which is my greatest need. And that’s it!

How do you stay so fit at your age?
I starve myself! (Laughs) I have a trainer inside me because I cannot afford to put on weight. My greatest advantage is my height, so I’m thankful to my parents and genes. I do yoga quite often, but I’m also a big fan of workouts.

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