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All in the family for Anil Kapoor

Published : Jul 23, 2017, 1:06 am IST
Updated : Jul 23, 2017, 1:06 am IST

Anil Kapoor is on cloud 9 with his “Chacha Mama” role in the film, Mubarkan and the reason for his exuberance during the promotional events.

Anil Kapoor
 Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor has made his name with his movies over the decades. and despite his kids and nephew being in the movie biz now, the actor shows no signs of slowing down.

Anil Kapoor is on cloud 9 with his “Chacha Mama” role in the film, Mubarkan and the reason for his exuberance during the promotional events. Anil never thinks twice about seeking work from any director or producer. “Yes! I always believe that the direct approach works best. Some directors may not feel comfortable approaching me for a role. So, I do their job for them,” he says. Recently, we spoke to the ever-youthful actor on various topics — about his family, kid’s films, his energy, his journey and more. Excerpts from an interview:

Will we see your son Harshvardhan, daughter Sonam and nephew Arjun working along with you someday?
Why not? Do you have a script? I would love to work with my kids and nephew. But a great script is essential in establishing the characters. Sonam has been around for quite some time but we have not worked together yet. I am happy that director Anees made Mubarkan, where I play reel Chacha /Mama to Arjun.

Why did it take so much time for you to work with Arjun?
Paida hote hi uske sath kam kar leta? (Should I have worked with him as soon he was born?) He has done nine films by now.

You are praised for your exuberant energy. What do you have to say about it?
If the praise comes from the cast of Mubarkan, they are all lying. I love to gel with the young as well as the old. We never know if we will get another chance to work together. With the younger lot, I prefer being like one of them and imbibe their energies. It helps with the on-screen chemistry.

Your hairstyles have been in the news for a while now...
We tried diverse looks earlier with hairstyles, moustaches and beards, but they were not publicised.  I remember, my real hair too was silky soft. To manage my hair, I would wear hair bands at times!

Are you working with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Fanne Khan?
Aishwarya is not starring opposite me (laughs). Koi mere sath kam nahi karna chahta hai! (no one wants to work with me.) Let’s talk about that film later on.

How do you look at your filmy journey?
Hmm... what I have achieved is not easy. You need to have patience and make the right choices. Willpower is also indispensable. What we have attained needs to be sustained with dignity. Mental fortitude and family ties are also essential. While destiny plays its part, setbacks need to be handled with care.

So how does your wife take your extra oodles of energies at home?
Oh, she literally pushes me out of the house saying, “Go to work or else I’ll turn mad.” However, she eagerly awaits my return in the evening.

Sonam has finally received the National Award; you always told us that she is a fine actor. How has that feeling been?
I belong to a filmy family and have had my fair share of ups and downs. Being a father, you sometimes tend to be biased towards your kids. However, main bewakoof nahi hoon aur na hi apne bachchon ka fan hoon (I’m not foolish, and neither am I my kids’ fan). We share a great relationship. I always saw a lot of potential in Sonam, right from Delhi-6. Otherwise, I would never have promoted her. The film fraternity will applaud you on your success. Their attitude has changed after Sonam has bagged the award… it’s fine. Now people even like her earlier films.

Were you disappointed with Mirzya, Harshvardhan’s debut film? What’s your opinion about Harsh as an actor?
No, we were not disappointed at all, although we did presume there would be some gadbad. Harsh got a perfect role. Everything was fine including his character, his look, direction and more. After watching the rushes, everyone including me felt, “Ladke mein dum hai.” But something went wrong somewhere, and thus the film wasn’t successful. However, after watching Harsh, as a father, I once again feel that like Sonam, he too will make it big someday.

Go on...
Now, look, in any profession, it’s the survival of the fittest. Hard work reaps its rewards later. Like a doting mother, who stays awake throughout the night to look after her ailing kid, God tests everyone’s patience. As a father, I am confident that Harsh will succeed sooner or later. Hard work, coupled with his acting prowess, will eventually pay off.

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