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‘Bright’on side of life

Published : Apr 28, 2019, 12:15 am IST
Updated : Apr 28, 2019, 12:15 am IST

This seaside locale in the United Kingdom is also considered the gay capital of the world.

Brighton Pier
 Brighton Pier

Brighton is a vibrant sea side city along the southern coast of the United Kingdom. Recently crowned the most ‘hipster’ city in the world, this land of the quirkiest humans is famous for its eccentric culture and a gender neutral society. This beautiful town is a haven to people with liberal minds and is considered the Gay Capital — hosting the biggest pride festival in the whole of UK. Nestled with quirky shopping lanes, bustling pubs, the sea, heritage and art museum, this city has everything one seeks in a perfect vacation.

With a host of free spirited people, scrumptious food lanes and the good-old sea side charm, Brighton has managed to capture the attention of several tourists. If you’re someone who’s bored and tired of your fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle then Brighton will be like a breath of fresh air for you.

A view of the Seven Sisters A view of the Seven Sisters

Getting the appropriate accommodation can be tricky if you have a decent budget then you can pre-book a flat on online portals and if you have a shoe-string budget then top-rated, luxury hostels could be the best option.

To understand its beautiful heritage and culture a visit to the iconic Brighton Pavilion is a must. This museum looks pretty much like the Taj Mahal and hosts several tourists everyday all round the year. This magnificent structure stands in the city centre and is famous for its eclectic collection. From a sneak peek into the Egyptian civilization to the marvelous display of puppetry and of course the recently added Transology section, this museum is one of its kind.

Colourful houses in BrightonColourful houses in Brighton

The staple food being fish and chips, you can find a stall anywhere your eye casts a sight on. Now, the biggest set-back about a perfect lunch on the beach is, you might have to wear your armour and protect your food from those witty seagulls waiting to freak you out. Brighton and its people are extremely accommodating and hence you can name the cuisine and you’ll find the restaurant. Brighton sure has something for everyone, if you are a vegan then this is one place that can tame those inner cake-loving dragons in you. From an array of delectable cakes, muffins, pancakes, scones, breads and even ice cream to pizza, burgers, wraps and subs all have the vegan option. If you are a fan of sea food then get to the beach side and you’ll have a treat of a lifetime. From fresh water mollusks to shrimps, crabs and sea fish you can satisfy your palate to the fullest.

While you enjoy the sea you can also hit the artistic pier. With a posh restaurant jutting into the sea and a mini amusement park the Brighton Pier is petite and suitable for a stroll.

Youngsters participating in the Brighton Pride paradeYoungsters participating in the Brighton Pride parade

With colourful houses, on every street that still retains the old-fashioned chimneys gives you a mesmerising spectacle and seems like a rainbow splashed everywhere around. Apart from these vibrant painted walls, you will find a striking graffiti art on every alternate wall you see. Graffiti artists often express their opinions in the form of art on random walls, be it political or the increasing risks of modernisation and even the revolting culture, graffiti artists do not hold back from manifesting their highly celebrated bohemian attitude.

If you think you are a connoisseur in getting outside a maze then try the North Laine and the Lanes. Of course, you wouldn’t just get lost in these lanes because they seem similar but it is inevitable that you will stop at every shop you pass. From sizzling pubs and compact restaurants with seats pretty much encroaching the streets to accessories, clothes, footwear and even a shop to take home some souvenirs, you might just need the whole day to convince the shopaholic in you.

The Royal PavilionThe Royal Pavilion

Located on the costal region spotting lush green grass carpeted hills and chalked cliffs is a common sight. But, if you are in for some adventure then give your adrenaline a rush that it deserves. Take the 12x bus from the city’s famous shopping mall - Churchill Square - and alight the key at the Seven Sisters - a series of chalk cliffs along the sea. This is a thirteen kilometer hike of the most breathtaking, astounding, extraordinary display of the quintessential nature’s grace.

Wrapping up this awesome vacation is best with enjoying the aerial view on the i360 - a 162 meters observation tower on the shores - you can glide up the tower on this ride and let the beauty of Brighton sink into your system as you reminisce this paradigm of the perfect holiday.

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