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Sidhu swings big, but political gains uncertain

Published : Jan 29, 2017, 4:55 am IST
Updated : Jan 29, 2017, 5:00 am IST

The Former cricketer has charisma, but may still not fully realise his political dreams.

Navjot Singh Sidhu
 Navjot Singh Sidhu

Troubles are like babies, the more you nurse them, the more they grow,” said Navjot Singh Sidhu — the man with a funny bone, who can literally make a person roll on the floor laughing. The man with the colourful turbans and the extraordinary poetic calibre, has been there and done... a lot.

Being a highly explosive batsmen, he was one of the bright performers during the 1987 World Cup and later went on to become the first Indian to score more than five centuries in One Day Internationals.

Navjot Singh Sidhu
Date of Birth: October 20, 1963
Time of Birth: Unavailable
Place of Birth: Patiala, Punjab

Though he played for only one team in his cricketing days — India — things in the political sphere seem to be a bit different. He has now joined the Indian National Congress, ending his 12-year association with the BJP. There are a lot of strong planetary configurations in Sidhu’s Birth Chart. The multiple planetary highlights indeed make him a colourful personality, with various talents.

Effortlessly popularity
Venus is placed in its own sign and is in conjunction with the Sun. The strongly placed Venus explains his ability to effortlessly grab the limelight and enjoy great popularity. The Sun-Venus combine renders a lot of charisma and enables him to achieve considerable success in the field of politics. Moreover, this very strength of Venus explains his continuing presence in the entertainment industry and his entertaining abilities.

Dynamic but stubborn
Sidhu has the Moon placed with Mars in the Scorpio Sign. So, he is dynamic, aggressive and spontaneous. But, he is choosy about people and can sometimes be stubborn. It is his strong emotions, views and intuition that generally guide him to take vital decisions and stand firm against the opposite views.

Great leadership potential
Jupiter and Saturn are placed in their own signs, Pisces and Capricorn respectively. The heavyweights being placed in strong positions indicates great strength of character and leadership potential. This factor has probably helped him sustain his fame and influence for a longer duration.

Due to the blessings of both these planets, he is able to enjoy widespread fame, that too on various platforms. One thing to be noted is that both these planets are retrograde in his chart. Due to this, he will be unorthodox and unconventional in his approach and he will not hesitate in trying out new methods and ideas.

Mercury, the origin of his flair
The planet of intelligence, humour and mental agility Mercury is exalted in the Birth Chart of Sidhu. This placement blesses him with a wonderful sense of humour and sharpness. Mercury and Venus are both powerful in his horoscope and this gives him the skill to create poetic marvels out of thin air.

Partially favourable planets
From November 2014, Saturn has been transiting over the natal Moon and Mars, which has been creating some problems for Sidhu: His health suffered during one period, and then started the problems at the political front. However, Saturn will have changed signs in some time, which will act in his favour.

On the other hand, Jupiter is passing through a favourable position, which will provide quite a conducive environment for him to make good progress on the political plane. He will be able to devise effective strategies and new concepts, which may increase support in his favour.

Realisation of political ambitions uncertain:
Jupiter’s transit will be more favourable post September 2017 and with this support, he will be able to play an important role in Punjab politics. It also indicates a strong chance of getting success in forthcoming assembly elections of Punjab.

However, the impact of transiting Saturn indicates that his political fortune will remain variable and despite a strong performance, his political desires may remain unfulfilled.

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