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  Age on Sunday   29 Apr 2018  Farewell to the FLAB!

Farewell to the FLAB!

Published : Apr 29, 2018, 6:51 am IST
Updated : Apr 29, 2018, 6:51 am IST

There are always those trouble spots in your body that just don’t lose their fat, no matter how hard you exercise... read on to tackle them.

Side kickthrough
 Side kickthrough

Fat loss is a function of the difference between the amount of calories consumed and the amount burned. If your goal is to lose body fat, then it becomes important that you exercise regularly and watch what you eat. While exercise will make sure you burn a good amount of calories, improve strength and stamina, eating the right kind of food will ensure you reap maximum benefits out of the exercise. Both together help in reducing body fat, increasing metabolism and increasing physical preparedness. Here are a few exercises that you can do to lose that stubborn fat in your body.

Side kickthrough
This movement gets your heart rate high, improves metabolism and burns the extra fat through its dynamic nature.

You start this movement on all fours with arms underneath the shoulders and quadriceps under the hips, lift your right leg off and kick out towards the left, lifting the left hand up close to the face at the same time. Make sure you open up your anterior obliques, and keep your foot flat on the ground. This movement also ensures improved stamina and you should do it 10 kicks, each side repeated over four to five rounds for a good workout.


Jump squat
The famous squat helps to burn a good amount of calories, and when you add a jump in the end, it becomes even more worthy of your time. You will see your heart rate shooting up, and as a result you end up losing the stubborn fat around your lower back, lower body and the belly.

You start by standing with your feet in line with your shoulders, start pushing your hips back and down at the same time until they reach lower than the knee, get back up to full extension of hip and knee and perform one small jump in the end. Make sure that your feet remain flat and back straight in the squat. Get in 20 repetitions repeated over four to five times for an effective workout.

Dynamic lunges

Dynamic lunges
Dynamic lunges, a very powerful plyometric movement helps burn calories while building stamina.

You start with your feet comfortably apart, jump into a split stance, knees at 90 degrees alternating the split with the other side. Make sure you keep your upper body straight throughout the movement.

Other than burning body fat, lunges also work on building stability, which happens to be an important parameter of fitness. Get in 20 repetitions on each leg repeated over four to five times to feel the burn.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks
Flutter kicks are predominantly a core strengthening movement, that helps develop strong muscles and burns fat at the same time.

You start by lying down on your back, shoulders and legs off the ground and start moving your legs up and down, keeping the knees extended at all time. Do 40 repetitions on each side, repeated over four to five times for a good workout.


Another powerful movement that works on your entire body, engages multiple muscles at the same time and as a result ends up burning lots of calories.
You start this movement by placing your feet wider than your shoulders, bending to one side, extending the other leg straight and toe facing up. Make sure that the foot of the leg which is bent remains flat on the ground, spine remains neutral and chest upright. Alternate between left and right to finish the movement. It’s a full body movement which improves mobility of the hip, strength in the lower body, spine alignment and a strong core, all this while burning good amount of body fat.
Perform this for five repetitions each side, repeated four to five times for an effective workout.

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