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  Age on Sunday   31 Mar 2019  Individualistic style!

Individualistic style!

Published : Mar 31, 2019, 3:43 am IST
Updated : Mar 31, 2019, 3:43 am IST

He calls himself an artist of sorts. this bengaluru-based photographer focusses on people’s expressions.

Somewhere in a place called love.
 Somewhere in a place called love.

Roshan Chikodi aka ArtistOfSorts is a young talented, modest and aspiring photographer from Bengaluru. This young photographer is a coliseum of talents, apart from photography he is a singer, dancer, short film maker, poet also a biker and has participated in an all India bike ride expedition called Turning Point.

Recalling the memory of the first photograph he clicked, “I had a photography course as part of my curriculum and it was the day when I had to submit my project for grading, that I had completely forgotten. I borrowed my friend’s camera and saw a rosary across a friend’s neck; I asked him to hold it up in a certain angle and clicked my first picture which was later appreciated by my lecturer. He said that picture had covered all the three rules of photography and from here on I did not stop.”

If gods were mortal, they's envyIf gods were mortal, they's envy

Starting his photography career from shooting for a fashion blog he is now working with leading music bands and has his photographs published in a famous cafe’. Focusing on people’s expressions, aesthetics, waiting for the right time when their facade wears off and capturing that moment of truth, Roshan said, “People inspire me, I don’t ask them to pose for the camera, I ask them to be themselves, this I believe will give them a reality check and that is precisely what I love capturing.” When the dancer in him inspired his photography, he clicked a line of pictures that depicts different moves in dance. His obsession and inclination for ballerinas inspired a collection of dance. Working with his friend Alicia Goveas who conceptualised the Broken Doll collection he believes collaborating with your acquaintances is the best way to come up with new ideas. Motivating other aspiring photographers he said “Believe in you, keep at it and never give up.”

This must be fictionThis must be fiction

Colour exists but in the soulColour exists but in the soul

Shade satiates sculpturesShade satiates sculptures

She flies with no wings like a hummingbird sings.She flies with no wings like a hummingbird sings.

When lights come to play, do shadows know?When lights come to play, do shadows know?

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