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Plush world of pets

Published : Mar 31, 2019, 2:55 am IST
Updated : Mar 31, 2019, 2:55 am IST

Here are a few luxury products for those who don’t mind spending a bomb on their pets.

 This 52-carat dog collar is made using a whopping 1,600 hand-set diamonds.
  This 52-carat dog collar is made using a whopping 1,600 hand-set diamonds.

Oh! He is my baby. We keep him as a member of our family, and thus there is no discrimination shown at our home when it comes to pampering my Casper.” The Casper in question is a pet dog and this is not an exaggerated dialogue from any movie. However, a few questions would arise, at least in the minds of some people. Haven’t dogs and cats been pets for humans from time immemorial? Does considering them as pets in the first place and not family members, lessen their loyalty towards the owner?

These are valid questions, but the answer is simple. This new trend of humanising pets has been there for a while now, and it would be surprising that new and improved additions to the trend has flooded the market with luxury pet products. So much so that there is a neck-to-neck competition between them and human luxury items. However, it’s all up to you to decide if these things are actually a must for your pet.

Hello Kitty Crystal Pet House

This ridiculously beautiful bed is covered in Rs 22 lakh worth of crystal beads, but only fits the tiniest of pups in the centre as it will have to share the bed with a doll cat. For those who dream of gifting their puppy a good sleep, this bed is a must have in your list. However, don’t forget to find out an effective cleaning method as well, because you can’t prevent your dog from peeing.

Hello Kitty Crystal Pet HouseHello Kitty Crystal Pet House

Amour, Amour Dog Collar

This 52-carat dog collar is made using a whopping 1,600 hand-set diamonds. But this alone doesn’t make it cost a heaven. The strap itself is made from 18-carat white gold and crocodile leather, which makes it one of the most expensive pet accessories of all time. If you can go a step forward and want to do something special for your favourite puppy, then you might not mind spending  around Rs 22 crore for the collar.

Couture Paisley Armoire

If you are looking for an apt cupboard to store all the luxury accessories of your pet, then Couture Paisley Armoire is the solution. The Rs 8 lakh worth armoire is made with Swarovski crystals, pearls and semi-precious gemstones.

Couture Paisley Armoire.Couture Paisley Armoire.

Swarovski Crystal Dog Bath

The dog bath, which is covered with hand applied Swarovski crystals, is the best option for you if you want to give your pet dog an ultra-luxury pampering session while he/she bathes. The bath tub worth Rs 4 lakh is available in 75 different colours, which makes you want it even more. You can also customize the tub according to your pet’s needs.

Michels VIP Parfums

There is nothing more embarrassing for a pet lover than his pet not smelling good. The luxury pet market has a high-end solution to the problem. The Rs 2 lakh worth beautiful scent of Michels VIP Parfums for dogs will make sure that next time when you place that expensive Louis Vuitton dog carrier on the couch, people will not close their nose.

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier

Louis Vuitton is one among those luxury handbag brands that every woman cherishes to buy someday. What about a dog carrier of the same brand? If you already have a collection of Gucci’s and Chanel’s, a Louis Vuitton for your dog is not a big deal. The inside of the bag that costs around Rs 41 lakhs has food and water dishes and air vents, so your pet will feel as good as they look in it.

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