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Mathematical cues

Published : Jan 31, 2018, 12:10 am IST
Updated : Jan 31, 2018, 12:10 am IST

The plot sheds light on Kubha, a spirited 20-year-old woman and how the onus is on her to save India from an impending apocalypse.

Sudipto Das
 Sudipto Das

“History is laden with facts and figures. A lot of aspects are shrouded in mystery. As an author, I hope to shed light on significant issues, that plagued us centuries ago and continue to, with complete authenticity. I wish for my readers to read about their country’s history and the issues pertinent today to form their own views without prejudice or going by popular opinion,” begins Sudipto Das, a Bengaluru-based entrepreneur turned author.

The Aryabhata Clan, his second book, is a  mystery novel, and the key to the mystery lies in a verse penned by the legendary mathematician Aryabhata about 1,500 years ago. The book is a sequel to his first mystery thriller The Ekkos Clan. “I’ve always wanted to write a trilogy. So, as soon as The Ekkos Clan was out, I wanted to churn out another relevant read in the pipeline. I want to touch upon contemporary topics like the ISI, jihaad and surrounding topics to create that relevance and connect, while informing the reader at the same time. These two reasons inspired me to invest five years into The Aryabhata Clan,” shares Sudipto.

Sudipto’s protagonists tend to be women and he wishes to keep it that way in all his books. “In India, we don’t have many women characters donning the hero’s cap. Women in pivotal roles aren’t the norm yet. They’ve been portrayed as the victimised, abused and oppressed gender for ages. I have immense belief in the power of women and my books have always portrayed women as superheroes — because, they are indeed,” he smiles.

The plot sheds light on Kubha, a spirited 20-year-old woman and how the onus is on her to save India from an impending apocalypse.

An entrepreneur by day, and a writer whenever time permits, Sudipto is pleased with the fact that despite a choc-a-bloc schedule, pursuing his other interests and his hard work have paid off. “I don’t think there is a success formula to make a book work. If the content is substantial, your hard work won’t go to waste. I’m glad I have endured the pressure of having to write and rewrite the drafts and the book has finally seen the light of the day,” says the IIT KGP alumnus.

Travel and music are his other interests. He also front-lines a band, Kohal. “I like exploring and revisiting places as much as I can. Kohal is a convergence of amateur but passionate musicians. The band goes beyond the conventional boundaries of music and aims at lightening your mood sans a specific genre,” says Sudipto.

On an ending note, Sudipto states, “The message of the book is simple — I’d like people to read up more about history and also get an in-depth view of contemporary issues at the same time. It’s about time we read and form our perspectives about issues without prejudice.”

The Aryabhata clan By Sudipto Das,Niyogi Books Pvt Ltdpp.460, Rs 595

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