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Top 5 Cars showcased at CES 2017

Published : Jan 10, 2017, 3:47 pm IST
Updated : Jan 10, 2017, 3:48 pm IST

At CES and various automakers have showcased their products related to self-driving cars.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annually organised event where various companies showcase their new technologies.
 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annually organised event where various companies showcase their new technologies.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annually organised event where various companies showcase their new technologies. The showcased tech are either production-ready, like smartwatches, or in various phases of development, like autonomous cars. Nowadays autonomous cars have become the centre of attraction at CES and various automakers have showcased their products related to self-driving cars. Here are the top 5 car showcases of CES 2017.

1. Faraday Future FF91

Some time ago, a little known startup called Faraday Future had announced its plans to reveal a 'Tesla fighter'. Formed in 2014, the company showcased the FFZERO1 concept in 2016. It did not announce any production schedules for the concept then. Fast forward to 2017, the company has revealed its first production vehicle, the FF91, and it boasts of an ultra long range and it is very rapid as well.

Cars at CES 2017

The FF91 is claimed to have two motors at the rear. one for each wheel, which have a total output of 1050 horses. There is also a motor mounted up front. Its maker claims the car will rocket from 0-100kmph in just 2.4 seconds. Faraday Future claims the car will have a 130kW battery pack that will not just help it go that fast but will provide enough to go up to an estimated 605km. There are no physical buttons inside the FF91, even for power windows and seat controls. They have been replaced by touch sensitive surfaces. Instead of side rear view mirrors, the FF91 uses cameras and merges their feed with a rear camera to give a blind-spot free view of the rear. The only way you can enter this car is either via an app or if the car's facial-recognition software recognises your face. It is expected to cost a lot too (a six-figure price in dollars, anyone?)

Cars at CES 2017

Why it matters - Until the Tesla Model S and Model X came to the market, people did not hold electric cars in high regard. The FF91, promises to give all the glamour that futuristic electric cars are expected to have along with all the practicality we need. If the FF91 is able to deliver anywhere close to 570km range, it will alleviate the range anxiety issue associated with electric vehicles. Other technologies featured on this car like cameras in place of rear view mirrors and facial recognition to enable your entry in the car are features that should find their way to cars powered by dino juice soon.

2. Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept

Cars at CES 2017

Can you think of your car becoming a part of your home? No, not in the parked-in-the-garage-part-of-home way. What if you could travel on your couch to your office? The Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept looks at a car and imagines it as a part of your home than just another thing you own. It does not treat your car like an Internet of Things tech but as a physical connection with your home.

Hyundai says the car provides a seamless transition from home to car. The home not just acts as a dock for the car but can also charge it. This would introduce the idea of modularity to your house as well as the modular part (the car) can be used to fill empty spaces whichever way the user deems fit. After all, as Hyundai puts it, "The Mobility Vision Concept suggests how the car would shed the image of a conventional vehicle, integrating itself with the living space when docked, before becoming a mobile living space when customers need to move around."

Cars at CES 2017

Why it matters - Until the Mobility Vision Concept came out, could you envision your car to be a part of your home? Vehicles have acted as mobile homes for long but never as a part of a fixed structure. It is like the time when Iron Man got the armour to bash The Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This example was brought about also because of one more aspect. Just like the Hulk-bashing armour was modeled to fit on the regular Iron Man armour, the Mobility Vision Concept will make us rethink the way our houses are designed. If it ever goes into production, the Mobility Vision Concept may be the thing our houses are modeled around.

3. Nissan Leaf

Cars at CES 2017

Nissan was the first carmaker to bring an electric car to the mass market. The Leaf was that car and it has sold more than 2,50,000 units worldwide since launch. The one showcased at the 2017 CES is nothing like those sold till now.

The Leaf showcased at CES has Nissan's ProPILOT technology on board. What it means is that this car is a zero-emissions vehicle and  it can also drive itself under certain conditions. One of those conditions is when the car is being driven on single lane highways. You may argue that this feat is not as special today as it was few years ago, but it is a hatchback we are talking about and a full electric one at that. It is going to have a bigger impact than ever because Nissan's partner Renault will also be able to use this car to develop new zero-emissions vehicles.

Cars at CES 2017

Why it matters - Currently, the zero emissions cars that have autonomous driving capabilities are not within masses' reach till the end of 2017 (yes, we are talking about the Model 3). Giving the world's most popular car, in terms of sales, self-driving capabilities just shows the faith Nissan has in this car. The clever touches inside the car such as its futuristic drive selector and under-carpet storage in the boot, it can teach a few tricks to the fossil fuel-powered cars.

4. Mercedes Concept EQ

Cars at CES 2017

Talk about announcing a new brand and Mercedes-Benz has done exactly that. At 2017 CES, the German carmaker has showcased the Concept EQ electric car, which is the first car under the EQ brand. The name EQ stands for 'Electric Intelligence' and the vehicle itself looks like a sporty SUV coupe (crossover).

The Concept EQ has two electric motors onboard and their output can be increased up to 300kW. The car also has permanent all-wheel drive and is claimed to cover 500km on a single full charge. The interior utilises touch surfaces to activate functions. A large screen acts as the instrument panel for the driver. With all the talk of technology, the interior of the Concept EQ still feels special. Well, it isn't a Mercedes in name only.

Cars at CES 2017

Why it matters - With the Concept EQ, Mercedes claims to have made no sacrifices in the areas of comfort, performance and driving dynamics. If this is the first car from a new brand by Mercedes-Benz, we can't wait to see what comes next. Also, if Mercedes has plans to build a supercar after the AMG GT's run gets over (which they have hinted at), it could use electrification just like the Honda NSX.

5. Toyota Concept-i

Cars at CES 2017

Do you think cars are capable of building a relationship with you? If not, then this one is not for you. For the rest, Toyota claims the Concept-i can measure your emotional response to the places you drive to and use the information to become your buddy. This means you will get a massage in the car when tired and will listen to your favourite music during peak time traffic while sitting in this car. The concept is capable of autonomous driving but emphasises more on assisting the driver. The Yui interface in the Concept-i alerts you when you are not fully attentive on the road or if there is a potential hazard. If you like technology and its role in human lives, this concept vehicle is the one you were perhaps looking for.

Cars at CES 2017

Why it matters - Cars forming a relationship with humans does not point to a future filled with driver-less cars. While autonomous cars may reduce crashes and accidents, they also eliminate a crucial part of a car - its driver. The Concept-i puts the driver where he/she belongs and models its 'behaviour' around him/her. This is what technology was always intended for and Toyota has reintroduced us to this truth.

These are just five of the many great showcases from the 2017 CES. Among the other great things happening at the event are Audi announcing partnership with Nvidia to make the most advanced AI car in the world. There is also the Ioniq foldable scooter from Hyundai from the event. We will be bringing to you a round-up of all the cool vehicle tech from CES 2017 and more soon, only on ZigWheels. Stay tuned!

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