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Snapdeal introduces one-of-a-kind toy shopping experience for children

Published : May 4, 2018, 11:18 am IST
Updated : May 4, 2018, 11:18 am IST

Company has set its focus on providing easy and affordable access to contemporary learning and development products.

 The store has an assortment of over 1000 products.
  The store has an assortment of over 1000 products.

New Delhi: Snapdeal has set up a one-of-a-kind 'Shop-by-Skill' store to allow parents to choose the right toys to help children between one to eight years to develop critical skills.

Several interactive and stimulating toys for children have been curated for every aspect of child development from visual, tactile and auditory skills, to fine and gross motor skill enhancement, language skills and those involving memory, social, creative and thinking skills.

The store has an assortment of over 1000 products. These include activity-based learning concepts, creative, constructional and problem-solving toys.

Further, parents who feel their child has a knack/flair for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), can find robotics kits, solar kits, smart watches, laptops and scientific toy instruments that incorporate smart technologies.

The company has set its focus on providing easy and affordable access to contemporary learning and development products that are also whacky, fun and engaging.

"Children take cues from toys and games to learn simple and complex motor, social, emotional and interactive skills. We have built this dedicated store to open a plethora of options for parents who want to provide world-class learning opportunities for their children. We aim to bring more interactive toys that give a strong leg up to the growth of children," said Snapdeal spokesperson.

Here's the list of skills that children develop at specific age groups and toys which support the development of those skills:

Below one year

Skills to develop: Auditory, Gross Motor, Tactile, Visual

Shop-by-skill store has several options for infants below one year.

The toys have been specially curated keeping various critical life stage skills in mind like auditory skills, visual skills, gross motor skills.

The toys enable the infants to explore several objects by shaking, banging and using the objects correctly. These skills are integral for an infant's development.

The toys in this section can teach them how to stand without support, imitate words, repeat sounds, crawl forward on all fours, look at correct picture when object is named and so on.

Toys to buy:

Auditory Skills

Tumbler Toy, Roly-poly Toy, Musical Rattle, musical animal, Colourful wooden rainbow handle

Gross Motor

Kick and Crawl Gym, Wobbly Fun Ball, Rattle Toys, Musical Animal Cot, Mobile

Tactile Skills

12 Geometric Blocks, Farm Animal Shape Sorter, Jumping dog baby toy

Visual skill

Multicolor Toy Rings, Rattle Toy, Turtle Night lamp, Constellation Music Night light

One to two years

Skills to develop: Auditory, Language, Motor, Thinking

Between 12 months and two years, toddlers start becoming more independent and do things on their own. They actively engage with others in their environment.

These can enhance the skills of your child stimulating them and exposing them to age-appropriate challenges and experiences.

Kids can learn many things like coordination, understanding directions, and social skills.

Toys to buy:

Auditory Skills

Fun Beats Jazz Musical Drum Set With MIC, Multicolour Plastic Cow Piano, Music And Dancing Pink Princess Baby Doll, Musical Flash Drum With Rotating Fish

Language Skills

Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tablet, Multi Functional Digital Computing Learning Box, Alphabet Magnetic Educational Game, Pre school learning flash cards

Motor Skills

Safari Rider Ride On, Multicolour swing cars, Multicolour Baby Bath Tub, Knock the Drum, Walk-A-Long Toy

Thinking Skills

Alphabet Puzzles, Learning Sight Word, Wooden 3 in 1 Educational Double Sided Board with Magnetic Marine Puzzle, Magnetic Learning Alphabets and Numbers

Two to four years

Skills to develop: Creative, Fine Motor, Language, Social

The toys for this age group would enrich the creative skills, language skills and fine motor skills for kids between 2- 4 years.

The toys curated have exciting DIY options, colouring kits, fish catching game, kitchen set, among others to develop the pincer grips to pick up items, creative minds, understanding of cause and effect and sensory processing to name a few.

Toys to buy:

Creative Skills

Sandbox with toy molds, Speeder Car DIY Block Construction Set Toy, Fundoh Fun Pack, Colouring Kit For Kids

Fine motor skills

Kidz Learning Phone, Brain Teaser Puzzle Game, Fish Catching Game, Motorcycle Rechargeable battery-operated Ride

Language skills

Educational Learning Board, Multicolour Number, Mini English Learning Tablet for Kids - Indian Voice, Magnetic Educational game

Social skills

Kitchen Set, Wooden Building blocks with Wooden dice, Jenga Learning Game, Alphabet Building Blocks, 13 In 1 Magnetic Family Board Game -Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, 9 Men's Morris, Travel Bingo, Football, Space venture, Train chess, Racing Game, Steeplechase, Snakes & Ladders

Thinking skills

Math Puzzles-Multiplication & Division, Pictureka Game, Animals, Their Homes & Foods, Stainless Steel 6 Metallic Intellectual Puzzles

Four to six years

Skills to develop: Creative, Language, Social, Thinking

At the age of four, a child's skills will be advanced enough to enable the child to be ready to write, draw and tackle many more tasks on their own.

It's that time in their childhood when they would want to explore various things like hair braiders, DIY products and brain boosters and creative activity sets.

During this stage, exposure to educational games and quiz games will help them develop an understanding of numbers.

Toys to buy:

Creative Skills

Jazz Drum Set, Assorted hair beader, DIY connecting beads, Multicolour loom bands kit

Language Skills

Master quiz, Scrabble crossword board game, Combo of Alphabet and Number, Brain Boosters

Social Skills

Multi-color doctor activity set, Super market kitchen set, Ice cream kitchen play cart, Chef's bring along kitchen

Thinking Skills

Laugh and learn smart stages tablet, Cartoon with Numbers, Educational Robot, Alphabet magnetic educational game

Six to eight years

Skills to develop: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Language, Social and Emotional

Between six to eight years, parents can help their child to develop a sense of competence. They can give their child the opportunities to master some skills like building models, making crafts and playing games like word war and memory games.

At this stage, it is very important for parents to allow the young minds to grow.

Games like chess, monopoly card games should be added to children's playtime schedule too enable proper cognitive development.

Toys to buy:

Cognitive Skill

Chess, Multicolour plastic solar, Educational interactive memory, Monopoly card game

Fine Motor Skills

Rainbow Fidget Hand spinner toy, Helicopter, Rock crawler with remote, Racing Car

Language Skills

Sequence Board Game, Word War, Scrabble, Speakout game with mouthpiece challenge

Social and Emotional skills

Plastic Batman Vs Superman Dawn, Multicolour plastic doll house, Truth and dare construction set, 4D system with handle launcher

Above eight years

Skills to develop: Creative and Construction Skills, Problem-solving and Strategy, Social and Emotional skills

Eight-year-olds and above like having the opportunity to solve problems on their own. They are able to concentrate on tasks for longer periods of time and try to use their own resources.

The toys in these categories have been thought of keeping in mind the 'must have skills' for this age group.

Parents can provide their children some interesting and challenging tasks like building block games, construction sets and cube puzzles.

Toys to buy:

Creative and Construction Skills

Pottery set, Superheroes DIY bat tank block set, construction sets, Mindstorm robot

Problem solving and strategy

Shengshou Master, Science and activity kits, Cube puzzles, 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

Social and emotional skills

Wooden Block construction set, Wooden building block game, Cricket trading card game, Wifi Mini Drone.

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