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Shobhaa De | Will wrestlers, Rahul dent the ‘Glowing India’ story?

With the general election right around the corner, India is gearing up for Ram Rajya. Even if, on paper, we remain a secular nation

03 Jun 2023 12:05 AM

Shobhaa De | Karnataka: Maine Pyaar Kiya! The ‘G-Factor’ wins big…

Rahul Gandhi’s ambitious Bharat Jodo Yatra played a big role in spreading positivity in an ocean of hate and suspicion

20 May 2023 12:00 AM

Shobhaa De | The Maharashtra ‘gaddi’ hinges on a burnt roti…

During his loooooong and illustrious political career, Sharad Pawar, 82, has played several complex roles, but never a Drama Queen

06 May 2023 12:10 AM

Shobhaa De | A big slice of the Apple pie, please: India waits

The Apple boss was not denied his Bollywood moment, as he gamely bit into a pricey vada pav

22 Apr 2023 12:10 AM

Shobhaa De | So much ‘thin air’: Thanks for the strong snub by SC!

Narratives are being altered with complete impunity, while we sit back and do nothing!

08 Apr 2023 1:03 AM


Shobhaa De | The heat is on… A ‘banger’ of a summer is coming up

Mad Hatter who’s in charge of the weather, has really fried our brains this week with heavy downpours in March and the hottest “spring”

25 Mar 2023 12:19 AM

Shobhaa De | The first Samba-Tango in South America

Indians have far more in common with Latin America than the United States -- the neo-colonisers of the twenty-first century

11 Mar 2023 12:16 AM

Shobhaa De | Bring on the dancers: It’s carnival time in India…

Kick up your heels, guys! The fun has just begun. Soon it will be Holi (March 8) and great things are happening in India’s courtyard

25 Feb 2023 12:00 AM

Shobhaa De | Why time for ‘maun vrat’ is over: Silence not an option

Kureishi collapsed on a street in Rome on Boxing Day and has been recuperating in a hospital in the vicinity ever since.

11 Feb 2023 1:04 AM

Shobhaa De | BBC Badnaam Hua…. Darrrrrling Tere Liye!

We in India, give far too much importance to firangs who write books or make documentaries on and about us

28 Jan 2023 12:00 AM


Shobhaa De | Why have we become a nation of ‘darpoks’?

No matter how weak RaGa is made to appear unlike most of us, sitting and bleating about injustice -- he is out there, walking the talk

06 Jan 2023 10:05 PM

Shobhaa De | Forget Messi mania… Who will win WC cricket 2023?

The time to dig into a juicy Argentinian steak has ended on December 18

24 Dec 2022 12:05 AM

Shobhaa De | No one can really bajaao Ronaldo’s band in Qatar

This is star power! A five-time Ballon d'Or winner! Nobody can take away Ronaldo’s glorious career and incredible achievements

10 Dec 2022 12:00 AM

Shobhaa De | From Chai Pe Charcha to Daadhi Pe Charcha…

The politics of beard-keeping demands a book

26 Nov 2022 12:05 AM

Shobhaa De | Two conundrums that make very little sense…

Bhupendra Patel had better deliver, or else! In an overturn, during the 2017 polls, the BJP tally shrank to 99 seats, while the Cong won 77

12 Nov 2022 12:05 AM


Shobhaa De | We want banana leaves & pappadums at Downing St

Let’s hope the Sunaks serve formal dinners on banana leaves (eco-friendly, yaar) and always include pappadums

29 Oct 2022 12:00 AM

Shobhaa De | Farewell ‘Netaji’: The akhada is now empty

That’s the thing about people in the political akhada — nobody gives a damn once they’re out of power

14 Oct 2022 11:18 PM

Shobhaa De | Political dandiya across India… Happy Navratri!

There is a degree of golmal this year about this -- who is Ravan and which one is Ram?

01 Oct 2022 12:05 AM

Shobhaa De | The Queen’s mantra: ‘Never complain… never explain…’

The Queen was seen as a matriarch trying to keep a large, dysfunctional family together. Much like matriarchs of joint families here

16 Sep 2022 12:00 AM

Shobhaa De | Is Congress totally kaput... What can we expect next?

We are at a fascinating cusp in the country’s political history right now. It’s still too early to start saying, “The Congress is dead"

03 Sep 2022 12:07 AM