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Did Malaika Arora refuse to walk at Australian fashion show for its non-existence?

Published : Apr 4, 2019, 1:10 pm IST
Updated : Apr 4, 2019, 1:10 pm IST

The organisers had done the fashion show in Sydney last year and this year they are doing in Melbourne.

Malaika Arora.
 Malaika Arora.

Mumbai: Lakme Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion show for which people in the fashion world keep an eye out. It’s a dream come true for any designer to be a part of this show. From A-list designers to Bollywood starlets, everyone showcases their trendy designs setting the mood with those shimmering ramp appearances. Recently we got to know about that this show is also going to happen in Australia by the name – Lakme Australia Fashion Show. When our team got in the details we occurred that it is a biggest fraud being held in Australia.

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The organisers are approaching new designers, models and makeup artists by saying that the directors of Lakme Fashion Week will come to Australia to be the part of this show. They are also targeting the boutique owners to showcase their collection in the show charging $ 10,000 which is more then Milan Fashion Week fee. They are charging the makeup artists and models a big amount of money to be the part of this show as a registration fee which is not authentic as it is always cleared that models have been paid by the designers/organisers instead of paying to the organisers to take part in the show. The organisers are claming that they have bought five years rights from Lakme team to use the name which is not true as Lakme team clearly said they have not waived any rights in favour of any person. They will take appropriate action in case of any trespass of their intellectual property.

The organisers promised and promoted the event last year saying Malaika Arora will be coming but the Bollywood diva didn’t turn up. On the other hand, according to the news of leading daily, Malaika cancelled her tickets because of non payment. Our source says she also come to know about this fraud show. When people got to know about her cancellation they asked for their money back. The organisers just using the big names like Lakme brand which is associated with Reliance and Malaika Arora for making money. When someone once commented on social media how the show is connected with Lakme Fashion Week one of the associate of organisers replied that it has no connection with Lakme Fashion Week and later the comment was deleted!

When people come to know about this fraud they started reaching to the Lakme Fashion Week members but there is no response from the original Lakme Fashion Week members. They are also sending the screenshots of their conversation but still they are getting no response. Now people of Australia really concerned about and confused that whatever the organisers are doing are really legal or not? As they are using the big names such as Lakme and Reliance still there is no action from the legal team. And because of this the trust and the authentication of the show is lost.

The organisers had also done this show Sydney last year and this year they are doing in Melbourne and according to sources we are also hearing that this Lakme Fashion show is going to happen in Singapore, Dubai and Canada. If no action would be taken aggressively regarding this the organisers will keep fooling people which is not good for the brand – Lakme Fashion!

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