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Who shot the blackbuck?

Published : Apr 8, 2018, 12:17 am IST
Updated : Apr 8, 2018, 12:17 am IST

Based on the first post-mortem report Salman’s lawyers had argued that the blackbuck died because of dog bites.

Salman Khan
 Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s sentencing in the 20-year-old black buck case has brought to fore doubts raised by the very own industry of which he is a part. Questions over who actually pulled the trigger have started to surface

Several people in the film fraternity are confidently claiming that Salman Khan did not kill the endangered animal. Who then, is the culprit? Is the actor hiding something?

He’s out on bail now, but Salman’s sentencing in the case has not gone down well with few celebs in showbiz. In fact, ever since the Jodhpur court pronounced the actor’s jail term, know-alls in Bollywood and journalists, including Simi Garewal, Priya Gupta and Nina Arora among others, have been tweeting that it was not Salman who killed the animal.

Based on the first post-mortem report Salman’s lawyers had argued that the blackbuck died because of dog bites. They further argued that the second report was inconclusive. And have time and again stated that even if the blackbuck died because of a bullet, it was not Salman who pulled the trigger.

“Our stand is that the black buck did not die because of any bullet injury. There were two post-mortem reports and none of them conclusively say that the animals died because of any bullet. In fact, the first post mortem report says that they died because of dog bites,” says advocate Nishant Bora, adding, “But even if it is true that the black buck were gun down, it was definitely not Salman who fired those bullets. We don’t want to say who did it,” he said.

So, who killed the blackbuck? A source very close to the family mentions that one of Salman’s closest family members had once mentioned: “Goli woh maar sakta hai jisko nishaana lagaana aata ho (a person can shoot only if he knows how to aim a gun).” And Salman is not a trained shooter.

The buzz, rather, the story that’s been going around in silent whispers throughout the industry and media is that Salman never shot the deer, and the person who did it has not come forward to take the blame. “Bhai is like that. He will try and safeguard everyone around him because he cares for them,” adds another source.

Many from the film fraternity have been tweeting relentlessly about the actor’s innocence.

Simi GarewalSimi Garewal

It’s not Salman: Simi
Actor and talk show hostess Simi Garewal was the first to tweet, suggesting that someone else is the real culprit, and Salman is just protecting a friend. “Of one thing I am dead sure..@BeingSalmanKhan would NEVER EVER harm any animal. He loves them too much. The real culprit should be exposed. 20 years is too long to bear someone else’s cross.. (sic),” she tweeted.

Replying to one fan tweet, Simi added, “The charity, the generosity etc of @BeingSalmanKhan is irrelevant here. What is all-important is the fact that he did NOT pull the trigger! He did NOT commit the crime. He is protecting someone for silly emotional reasons. Even at a HUGE cost to himself (sic).”

Simi isn’t alone, actor and activist Nafisa Ali too came out urging the actor to come out with the truth. “Salman Khan after 20 years convicted of killing a Black Buck that he never killed! He was man enough to take the entire blame and only his name was registered in the FIR. The reason why all the others were acquitted. Salman we know the truth. Hope justice will be done tomorrow. (sic),” she wrote.

National Award winning screenwriter, Nina Arora, tweeted, “Do u know how swift black bucks are. Since when is Salman such a crack shot as to be able to shoot one down (sic).”

Saif Ali KhanSaif Ali Khan

Fingers point at Saif
In th.e midst of all this, poor Saif seems to be a target. People are convinced if it’s not Salman, then the only other man present there was Saif, the rest were the three actresses and the driver!

Adding credence to this rumour is the fact that given his nawabi background and the belief that all blue blood princes are given a good training in shooting — and shikar is a sport most royal families participate in — Saif perhaps is an expert shooter.

Experts differ
They explain it’s not necessary to be a trained shooter to hunt animals. Salman too could have done so with ease.

Amateurs can shoot too
India’s celebrated hunter Nawab Shafath Ali Khan says that even an amateur can shoot an animal without much training. “Anyone can shoot an animal after two days of practice with a .22mm air rifle. When shooting at night, people use a search light. When the light is flashed on the animal, for a moment it goes blind and is paralysed — it can’t move. So it gives the shooter enough time to target the animal.

Telescopic view simplifies aiming
Thirty-four-year old Rashmi Rathore, who won gold at the Asian Shotgun Championship, adds that a telescopic view in the gun makes things even easier. “Since a telescopic sight-enabled gun makes faraway objects appear closer, it gives a better and accurate aiming point. It helps the shooter target the object without much difficulty. A search light on a moving animal too makes it easier for the shooter to fire,” says Rashmi.

— As told to Sashidhar Adivi

Film Journalist

Priya Gupta
“I know for a fact that @BeingSalmanKhan has not killed the #BlackBuck. I am 100 percent sure he will be declared innocent finally. #BlackBuckPoachingCase (sic)”

Afsana Ahemad
“I am so glad that you tweeted  about Salman’s innocence @Simi_Garewal in this matter. I too tweeted the same. It’s true he’s taking the rap for someone else & we’re aware of it. Hope things come to light get & he’s acquitted.”

Bharati K. Dubey
“Kare koi bhare koi...sad (sic).”

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