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I am in the best phase with changing scenario, says R.Madhavn

Published : Feb 10, 2018, 3:01 pm IST
Updated : Feb 10, 2018, 3:01 pm IST

Actor R.Madhavan talked about his first web-series, films and his career at 50 in our exclusive interview.

R Madhavan.
 R Madhavan.

Mumbai: R.Madhvan, who is getting lots of appreciation for his first ever trilingual (Hindi ,Tamil & Telugu) web series titled ‘Breathe’, talks about the experience, “Participating in the digital space indeed it’s a different platform. It’s the toughest and the biggest also very rewarding which has been proved in the West too. However, the film star from any industry needs to know the language well in order to speak the language with the correct diction. There is no scope for correction in the film making spree –sound track, color corrections…. taking etc. The reason simply- it is on line dubbing. Having clarity in language the film star can make a place for himself. But contrary to this if these qualities go missing then he can break himself having little scope to go back to films I suppose. With all this one has no scope for correction, you are on ear phones. Even the sound of any mobile phone and train passing by can distract your attention. Thus these web series have to have the quality as that of films. It is the medium of the masses. Numbers is what we all need. Slowly and gradually the percentage of the audiences interested is multiplying.”

R.Madhavan has pocketed four films altogether and feels the year 2018 is packed enough, speaking on that the actor said, ”Yes! Definitely in last seven years time I gave just three films so this year with two Hindi films and two Telugu and Tamil films I wish I have 48 hours to be able to do justice to my characters altogether. Thankfully I am in the best phase with changing scenario having pocketed different films and characters as well in each.”

Madhvan feels blessed about his current stage of his career, talking about it he says, “Playing different roles of my choice I shall tell you one secret -actually people get attracted to a person who has horded loads of life time experiences over their good looks. Guess what? Even Barrack Obama was chosen to the highest rank in Politics while he turned forty. People love to hear superstars with great admiration at this age merely because they have the great sensibilities to modern acceptance and with maturity of time big stars Worldwide; they not only attract the older generation but also make the youth believe what they are talking. Owing to this strength, which they have got with experiencing different things over the time, they do know rightly what people are looking for. Fortunately, I too have deservedly got the ability to transform myself into the characters I play aptly enough. One film where I will be seen in a negative role totally The benefit is from Manu Sharma to my next film a biopic- I just have to wear no makeup change a little bit of my hair style and there I look the character.

All praises for great actors like Om Puri ji, Amitji and Kamla Hassan he says, “I am in awe of these actors.  I have been able to work and be with all these iconic actors have had thus had the privilege learning a lot from them .I remember working  with great actors like Om Puriji.Its unfortunate that  he is no more. He would keep joking in his baritone voice while sitting off the set. No sooner was he to go in for a take he would get so involved in his reel character so while looking at him I would get zapped and would forget the lines too."

On his encounter with Big B, he says, "With the entry of Amitabh Bachchan in the room all of us could not help it but stand up immediately. The kind of aura he professes is really awesome.”

On Kamla Hasaan Maddy says, “I have grown up watching his films. I would like love to follow him all over the cand shop like a kid wagging my tail. If I had to slap him in the scene I would get so nervous. However, I have learnt from them that you need to be your character when you enact in front of the camera. They really support it. Thus I have learned that if I had harmed them in a scene I would remove Maddy out of me and totally don the character which has to behave rudely to them.”

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