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Wedding, naked pics, expletives: Ranveer-Tanmay’s reunion after AIB row is hilarious

Published : Sep 11, 2018, 2:28 pm IST
Updated : Sep 11, 2018, 2:28 pm IST

The comedian and the actor had an Instagram live together at 4 am and it was a fun-filled interaction.

  Ranveer Singh and Tanmay Bhatt.
  Ranveer Singh and Tanmay Bhatt.

Mumbai: The famous or rather infamous AIB Roast might have been officially pulled down, but most of us have watched it before or after the controversy and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some of the members got into legal trouble for ‘using obscene and abusive’ language and the case is still on, but two participants from the controversial show recently came together again and it was hilarious this time too.

One comedian of the popular creative team, Tanmay Bhatt, called Ranveer Singh on Instagram live at 4 am and it was almost like a TV interview, only that there were no filters but unabashed bonding, expletives, revelations and more.

The interaction starts with Ranveer saying, “You have become a big man today; you don’t have time for friends nowadays.”

But Tanmay complains about him not replying to his messages and then gets slightly emotional talking about the bond they share and how this was only to pull his leg, but he has always liked the actor’s warm and affectionate behaviour towards him.

On being asked about ‘Simmba,’ Ranveer said, “Simmba’ is the best movie on earth. It’s the Holy Grail, it’s the masala genre, nothing bigger or better than that. It’s like you go to Europe for three weeks and have amazing food, but that feeling when you come back home and have Dal Chawal.”

Tanmay then wondered how people aren’t losing their minds of the two biggies being on the same set, “I feel the same, like me and Rohit are souls that go back many lifetimes,” Ranveer responded.

The topic had to naturally veer to the Roast show and Tanmay felt Ranveer has been on a tremendous rise since then, and the latter says, “Both of us are just getting started, why aren’t you doing another Roast?” “It’s in the works,” the former replies.

And the answer everyone’s been waiting for, when is his wedding to Deepika Padukone, Tanmay asked. The actor has no plans to answer it just yet and had the most hilarious reply, “Aye Chal Na (just go away), what you are? F*****g Pinkvilla (entertainment portal)?”

When Tanmay told Ranveer about his friends thinking he was ‘chep’ (clingy) by continuously posting and making jokes on him, the latter replied, “Just tell them I go through my whole album to find hot-looking pictures of mine, just so can post. I post it and then I wait by my phone to see when and what Tanmay will say.” He tells Tanmay to keep up with it as he ‘lived for it.”

Ranveer then says, “I think you’re going to become a godman., Tanmay guru. Just look at you, you have evolved so much that you’re espousing gyaan in free fund.”

Tanmay was embarrassed and his reaction is unprintable and hilarious.

And when Ranveer sings and shows some moves on a jingle, Tanmay shares a funny incident of their first meeting together. “I used to write on ‘New Talent Awards’ and when I met him, I see on his laptop, a wallpaper of himself naked in a towel. And when I meet people who ask me, ‘What is Ranveer like in real life?’ This is the story I tell. This guy has his own naked pictures on his laptop. Ranveer Singh is not a drug, drugs consume Ranveer Singh to be a drug.”

Ranveer responds, “Now I have a shirtless picture of Tanmay.”

Tanmay was caught off-guard and actually started wondering if he could actually have it due to the actor’s mischievous nature.   

He then tells Tanmay, “Today is Monday and we want a Monday Motivation post from you, a shirtless picture.” There was more embarrassment for the comedian.

Ranveer then tells him he was ready to catch up, whenever the comedian wants and latter then says, “Gonna message him, if he doesn’t reply then will post with more friendship gyaan.”

Ranveer responds, “I’m in Mehboob Studios everyday, come whenever you feel like, meet Rohit sir, he is a top man.”

“Man crush Mondays with Ranveer Singh,” Tanmay signed off.

Watch the videos here: (Alert: Contains expletives)


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