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Young entrepreneur brings imaging revolution

Published : Nov 12, 2018, 12:05 am IST
Updated : Nov 12, 2018, 4:58 am IST

The icing on the cake as far as her tech innovation goes was that it was approved by Apple.

2.0 poster
 2.0 poster

She is a young girl all set to bring in a revolution in the world of imaging. Meet Anubha Sinha, who was seen on stage with director Shankar and Lyca founder and chairman Subaskaran, at the launch of Superstar Rajinikanth’s 2.0 trailer. Speaking to DC, Anubha, MD of Ultra Rays 3D Technologies, explained more about the product she had developed and which was launched with the film’s trailer.

Explains Anubha, “There are some TV and gadgets today which can show 3D without glasses and are available only for commercial use. In recent years, there have been mobile phones which were 3D ready but the exorbitant cost didn’t made it possible for consumers to buy and it never picked up and  to experience 3D one has to buy the expensive gadget. Due to the digital revolution, most people have started viewing content on their smartphones and so we came up with an idea to develop a Nano technology glass — “WOW3D Screen guard” which retracts light in a manner that you can see 3D on your own gadget.”


“The Wow 3D screen guard is a revolutionary innovation in global imaging industry specially designed to bestow upon an amazing glass-less 3D experience to its users. Once applied on the phone screen, one can watch any stereoscopic content without the use of external glasses through its WOW3D Store app. WOW3D Store App can flawlessly convert 2D content of any sort to 3D on the fly, which means you can watch any 2D YouTube or any stored content of your device in 3D. WOW 3D screen guards are shock absorbent 9H tempered glass and can be ahead of the best available brand,” she adds

She reveals that the inspiration behind her innovation and her work was none other than former Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam. “When you talk about inspiration only one name can do that for me - Dr.Abdul Kalam. I have read all his books and want to be a staunch patriot and scientist at heart. Though I had several options of launching the product from any other country and get better financial benefits we chose to be in India and launch it from here,” Anubha says with pride.


The icing on the cake as far as her tech innovation goes was that it was approved by Apple. “Apple doubtlessly has defined the premium experience of smart phones globally. They are not very easy to work with, as they have to maintain seriously high standards. But we always wanted to launch it with the best and by God’s grace we achieved that,” she says.

Anubha and her team have worked hard to make this product a success. Entertainment, gaming industry and education are what she is aiming at now. “The product has technically already achieved its goal of on-the-fly 2D to 3D conversion, 3D photography, 3D glassless viewing. What it now needs to achieve is the application of the technology in education, gaming and entertainment industry. It will redefine content viewing, be it surgical videos or marriage photos. I see it changing the content viewing industry completely, not just entertainment,” she reveals with excitement.

At 26, Anubha has achieved success but she believes she has a long way to go. Her plan is to contribute as much as possible in imaging industry. “We have a lineup of products to add value to VR, AR, stereoscopy and auto stereoscopy viewing. I want to roll out a series of 3D printing kiosks as well, which will be personalised 3D print in 5 minutes - that too will be a game changer for print and photography industry. I want to do all this from India and raise the standard of Indian technology,” she signs off.

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