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Mom knows best

Published : May 13, 2018, 12:19 am IST
Updated : May 13, 2018, 12:19 am IST

Mothers love is unconditional and the lessons they have for us, invaluable.

Taapsee Pannu
 Taapsee Pannu

Raveena Tandon, actor
My mom is the strongest, bravest, most compassionate lady I know. There is no single memory that I can pin point, but I can say that all the good work I do, I owe it to her. I have learnt the value of giving back to society from her. I learnt to love and care for the ones that aren’t privileged enough, she worked tirelessly for children in different orphanages and this is what I imbibed from her.

Shama Sikander, actor
The most cherished memory with my mother has been my whole life actually. All the time I spend with her has been great. Most of my childhood so memorable. My mother was always there, she was always loving and caring. She would do anything to make us happy. The most valuable thing that I have learnt is patience. I love her immense grace.

Richa Chadda, actor
What I learnt from my mom is compassion. When I was little, I would kill ants and insects. My mother told me, "Ye cheenti shayad apni mummy ke paas ja rahi ho? (Maybe, this ant is going to meet her mom?)"  That was such a strong phrase for me at the time. It has made me compassionate and ethical over the period of time.

Sophie Choudry, Actress, singer,VJ, Entrepreneur
I’m blessed that every single day with my mum is a memory. She is not only my mother but my manager so we are forever travelling the world together for my stage shows, exploring new places, new cultures and making memories together! From taking us to Disneyworld countless times to our first nightclubs, from dropping me to college on my first day to agreeing to move to India with me, I shall cherish everything. But the most valuable lessons I have learned from my mum are to never give up, never be dependent on anyone and never stop learning.

Taapsee Pannu, actor
My mom’s internal strength is what I become a huge fan of once I grew up. The way she handled three really different personalities at home (my dad, my sister and myself), the way she became a shock absorber of our madness and still kept us together. She was the bridge between my dad and me and still continues to be. She doesn’t give up on any one of us.

Divya Dutta, actor
I remember a time when I was coming to Mumbai for an audition and also appearing for my exams, nobody in the family knew what I was up to, except for her. On my way back, I got a proposal for a marriage. Everyone pushed my mother to accept it. I was 18. So, there was a choice between getting married, continuing studies or acting in movies. I think the unsafe option was to go into movies. But, she stood by me because she believed in my dreams and I think that's the most important thing, for a parent to be there for you. She got me a house, a car, she used to write poetry and send it to me from Punjab. Even today, when she’s not there, I feel her presence in everything I do. I’ve had lots of wars in my life, and finally, I’m getting my dues. Thanks to her, I learned to be a fighter, as she has always been one. She became a single mother at 35. Times were difficult but she fought through it all and looked after her kids beautifully.

Ssumier Pasricha, actor
My mom always taught me to be independent. She says, “Beta, aaj hum hai kal ka pata nahi.” She taught me to be right. Every moment with her is a memory worth cherishing.

Jackky Bhagnani, actor
One of the most cherished memories of my mother is when I would come home from school and she would have my favorite dishes ready. If she was away, she would still make sure that everything is in place for me. The one thing I have learned from her is humility and being down to earth. She has been a pillar of strength for my father and they together built their business, but even today she is ready to get down and get her hands dirty, no matter what. She is the most humble and kind person I know.

Pranitaa Pandit, Television actor
Mom has been a crucial part of my life and a year hasn't gone by with me celebrating mothers day. Today, we will be heading out for dinner followed by a cake to celebrate every single thing she did for me.

Suhani Dhanki, television actor
My naani and mother are two important pillars in my life. Mother has always been my role model. Whatever I have learnt, be it in studies, singing, dancing and sports, it’s because my mother was always involved in all these activities. Every year on Mother’s day, we religiously plan a mother-daughter date, either watching a play or roaming around the city.  This year, I am sure my mother will come to Umbergaon and we’ll celebrate mother’s day the way we always do.

Akanksha Puri, Television actor
Mother’s Day is a very important day for me. Whatever I have achieved in my life till date is only because of her. My day begins and ends with a conversation with mom. And I also make it a point to talk to her while commuting back and forth from the sets in Naigaon, narrating her everything that happened during the day.

She’s a working woman and the way she balanced her work and home while bringing me up has always inspired me.

Sameksha Singh, Television actor
My mother has always been a hard-working person. Though she has retired now, I still remember how she used to cook for us and then go to office. For me, whenever my Mom is around, its Mother’s day as I try to celebrate her existence everyday.

Ashi Singh, Television actor
I am very close to my mother. And I have been lucky that I got the opportunity to shoot with my her for one of the sequences in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai.

In the show the character of Naina doesn’t have a mother and at times I get lost in deep thought while playing the role, how difficult it must have been for the ones who do not have a mother.

Abeer Soofi, Television actor
This Mother’s day, I offer my salutations to every single mother. My mom always taught us how to offer prayers to God and to always follow a simple behaviour and attitude at all time. It was because of her that I was able to perform the role of Sai Baba with ease  as she is an expert in Sanskrit language and taught me the same.

Palak Jain, actor
Mothers are the most selfless people in the world who gladly sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of their children. One thing that I have learnt from my mother is not to hurt anyone.

She time and again reminds me that any work that we do genuinely, giving our 100 per cent, will get us amazing results. She always tells me that before trying to achieve success in life, it is important to become a good human being.

Sheena Bajaj, Television actor
Word would be less to express what my mom means to me — a mentor, a guide and my role model. It was her patience and perseverance that has brought me to this platform. She is exceptionally happy about my new show.

I’m very close to her and I will be spending my time on and off set with her this mother’s day.

Sharad Malhotra, Television actor
Growing up in Calcutta, my mother made sure I had a wholistic upbringing. As a caring and an ever understanding mother, I owe it all to her. And ever since I moved to Mumbai, she keeps a check on my diet and wellbeing over the phone. She makes sure she visits me every three months.

Snigdha Akolkar, Actress and film producer
I have been blessed with two mother like figures — mom and maasi. Together, they made sure I recieved a wholistic upbringing — from academics to travelling, I was exposed to every possible element. They always advised me to be independent. But, one aspect on which they still are after me is taking interest in investments. So this year I’ll try and take their advice more seriously.

Rubina Dilaik, Televison actor
All my memories with my mother have been special. Even the time she rebuked or taught me things the hard way. Now when I look back I miss those days. Even for the silliest of mistakes she would correct me and now I realise why. Everything that I am today, I owe it to her.

Anjana Sukhani, Televison actor
I relish the time mom and me went to a trip to Spain couple of years back. Not only was it fun but over the day our bond deepened as we discovered a new side of eachother. But what the greatest gift I received from her is the gift of forgiveness.

Sandiip Sikcand, Producer and actor
I was in class fourth when I got a bronze for participating in bursting the balloon race. And at that time I was a really heavy kid. I remember rushing to hug my mother, who was so happy for me.

Regarding learning a lesson that I have learn’t from her, I think my whole life has been designed on her teachings and her principals.

Rashami Desai, Television actor
My mother has been my greatest influencer. Being a teacher, she inculcated the value of being disciplined in me — something that has played a major role making me what I’m today. Her optimistic approach has been my driving force. She is someone who has stood by me through think and thin.

Iqbal Khan, Television actor
I’m absolutely crazy (in a good way) about my mom. She has the most beautiful heart and I really think that all that I am today is only because of her prayers and blessings. Whenever I’m facing a problem, talking to her sorts everything out. And most of all, it’s her humility that inspires me. I share a very unique bond with her.

Saumya Tandon, Television actor
I came to Bombay knowing nobody and my mummy came along. I would’nt have been able to survive in this grueling industry had it not been for her. She’s been with me throughout my days here. She’s seen me through grueling schedules and illness. She makes my tiffin. She also doesn't have anybody in Mumbai and I keep busy, but she is very independent. She learnt swimming in her late sixties all by herself. She even went to do a course in theatre by herself. I hope to be like her when I grow old and be independent.

Ishita Dutta, Film and television actor
As a child I would love to just sit on her lap, play with her dupatta, kiss her all day. I basically loved sticking to her. My sister would call me chipku because I would refuse to leave her. My mother is selfless, strong, forgiving, loving and so much more. She has taught me to be strong, independent and forgiving. Growing up, I always knew she will support me no matter what. Mummy, I love you so so much, Happy Mother’s Day.

Sandeepa Dhar, Film actor
I have many memorable moments with my mom. Sometimes the most memorable moments in our childhoods are the small everyday occurrences that contribute to our feeling that all is right in the world. I had many of those with my mom. What I remember the most about my mom was that she was always there. I was driving and lost in a foreign country with my mom once. When I asked her if we were lost, she told me, “No, we are on an adventure.” I learnt from her to always treat everyone in the same manner, whether they are the house help or a CEO.

Anshuman Jha, Film and theatre actor
My mother took me to Company Bagh in Allahabad on my 9th birthday and had a picnic with me. My family was going through a trying time at that moment but she made sure I didn’t miss out on my birthday. I was aware of the situation but really enjoyed the day. Her effort taught me not to give up under the most trying circumstances.

Divyanka tripathi, Television actor
One if the earliest memories I have of my mother is of her cooking all my favorite food in the evening to lure me into studying or my extra activity classes. She always adviced me against lying to her and my father. Whenever I lied or was too scared to share, I realised I was rather making a big mistake of my life.

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