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Spirit of freedom

Published : Aug 15, 2018, 12:11 am IST
Updated : Aug 15, 2018, 12:11 am IST

71 years after india gained independence, much has changed. It’s a whole different world, a whole new india.

Raveena Tandon, Actor
 Raveena Tandon, Actor

71 years after india gained independence, much has changed. It’s a whole different world, a whole new india. but no less valued or cherished are the many different kinds of freedom we enjoy, and hope they stay unchanged in the years to come

Raveena Tandon, Actor
The freedom to be. Just be who you are, and live and let live. This magnificent country has given a lot and will continue doing so. From ancient times, Hindustan has stood resilient and strong and bounced back stronger each time. It is time we stand strong and united against polarising and religious terrorism. So far I have enjoyed the freedom that my India has always given me. To dress, to say, to be, what I want. And I hope it continues so. I am a proud Indian. Jai Hind!

Asmita Sood, Model and Actor
The most important aspect of freedom for me is having freedom of speech. We have the right to voice our opinions on any burning issue or problem and that should never change. We should be able to embrace difference of opinions, be inclusive about others’ views, and fearless in expressing ours.

Yuvraj Singh, Actor
I work in an industry which comprises of people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, polarisation is very high at this stage. I feel that should be curbed for a safe India. It’s a harsh reality to live with and this has taken a more serious turn. People need to understand that hatred will only increase problems for society and economy in general and we need to keep the hatred aside.

Sanah Moidutty, Singer
Growing up in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural society, I’ve always had the freedom to celebrate and enjoy every occasion. The joy of being able to dig into mouth-watering modaks for Ganpati or visiting Mohammed Ali road during Ramzan or cleaning the house before Diwali or hanging fairy lights on the window for Christmas is priceless. I hope that freedom always stays the same.

Vahbbiz Dorabjee, Actor
The most beautiful part about our country is our diverse cultures and customs, and so is the freedom of choice of food. I feel that should be respected and not changed anytime in the future. The other thing is, wanting to have the feeling of being secure in my own country. We are slowly losing freedom of speech as we are now so afraid of expressing our views on very many things due to the fear of severe and scathing backlash.

Shama Sikander, Actor
I love change and we can’t hope for nothing to change because that is the only constant. Also change is never pretty but it is going to be beautiful in the end. It has its own mind, pace and way. As an individual, it is better to be open to the change as it is happening rather than reacting loudly. Things will get easier, I know that for a fact.

Preet Karnawal, Model
Freedom is something that money can’t buy. It is the result of the struggles of many bravehearts. Let us honour them today, and always. I would say one thing that should not change is our unity in diversity, our culture, our traditions and respect towards our nation. I wish everyone a happy 72nd Independence Day.

Rupali Suri, Film Actor
Being an artist is in itself a liberation. As an actor to essay multiple roles and characters, to enact and perform various shades of human emotions in itself gives me the ultimate realisation of freedom. I seek freedom from ills in society, negativity and all the wrongs that are increasing around us each day, as a citizen of the world.

Sai Tamhankar, Film and TV Actor
I think the most important aspect of freedom is speech. One should be able to voice one’s opinions. I think this is getting very sensitive day-by-day and I don’t quite like it, so I hope freedom of speech in our country never dies. People are equally responsible for certain things that happened in our country. The diversity of our country is amazing and I hope we value nature and natural resources.

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