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Why is Alia Bhatt everybody’s favourite?

Published : Mar 16, 2019, 1:02 am IST
Updated : Mar 16, 2019, 1:03 am IST

Gone are the days when people would make memes on her infamous IQ, now she is the queen ruling the box-office and hearts.

Alia Bhatt
 Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is the single-most favourite person in the film industry. There is no one who dislikes her. No one who doesn’t think she’s a darling and a terrific actress.

The memes and trolls about her infamous IQ have stopped long ago. Now, this 26-year old is ruling the box office without plotting, planning and manipulating her way to the top. And, yes, everyone loves Alia Bhatt.

Mom Soni Razdan laughs proudly and says, “Well if that’s true then perhaps it’s because she’s down to earth, shows up on time for the shoots and is not interested in being the first member of her fan club. She’s normal in a world where it’s really difficult to be normal. (She) is considerate. She’s basically a very kind thoughtful person even though she has very little time to be thoughtful because her life is a roller coaster, but she manages to be. I think she’s just herself and that’s refreshing. She doesn’t pretend to be anything. She’s not perfect. And, that’s okay.”

The formidable Shabana Azmi who did some of her finest work with Alia’s father  Mahesh Bhatt, thinks Alia is a natural-born. “Alia amazes me. For one so young, she has a rich emotional repertoire, which she can tap into very easily. She has a mix of vulnerability and strength, which is very attractive. Zoya said she was an absolute delight to work with in Gully Boy... she just gets it! I foresee a long and successful inning for her. But, she must resist falling into the trap of believing in her own myth which the best actors inevitably do! A film is a collaborative medium and content is the king. She must choose her scripts judiciously rather than just her role. She is my absolute favourite and I wish her a very happy birthday.”

Everyone’s favourite also has a fan in trade pundit Komal Nahata who says, “Alia is everyone’s favourite because she is an exceptional actress, unbelievably natural and mind-blowingly effortless in her performances. Besides, she is an extremely cute-looking girl. How can she NOT be the audience’s favourite? I think Alia was born to rule hearts.”

Adds trade analyst Amod Mehra, “Besides being a terrific versatile actress, she is cute, sincere and honest... and all these qualities reflect in her personality.”

Alia’s sister Pooja Bhatt has the last word when she says, “Why is Alia everybody’s favourite? Guess the world has finally developed good taste?”

Ranbir Kapoor bonds with Alia’s family
In all his relationships so far, Ranbir Kapoor has stayed away from his girlfriend’s family.  For the record, Ranbir never met Deepika’s parents or Katrina’s family during all the time that they were together.

And, for the first time, Ranbir is seen reaching out to his girlfriend’s folks. At Alia Bhatt’s 26th birthday party hosted at her residence, Ranbir was seen in close conversation not only with Alia’s mom Soni Razdan but also her Nanaji who had come to wish his grandchild.

Says a friend of Ranbir’s, “He has never been comfortable with his girlfriends’ family and this was one of the bones of contentions in his relationship with Deepika and Katrina. Now, not only is Alia close to Ranbir’s parents but Ranbir is also closely bonding with Alia’s family.”                                              

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