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Localising Hollywood

Published : May 21, 2018, 12:05 am IST
Updated : May 21, 2018, 6:38 am IST

Filmmaker Harsh Narayan believes dubbing foreign films in Hindi and other regional films, to be a good trend.

Ranveer Singh is the voice of Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 2'.
 Ranveer Singh is the voice of Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 2'.

Deadpool 2 gets Ranveer Singh’s voice to up its market value in India but with big names being roped in the dubbing industry, are we looking at a better-structured construction, giving way to more Indian scriptwriters becoming a part of the Hollywood ventures.

Deadpool 2 continues to blur the differences between the audiences of Hollywood and Bollywood films with its unprecedented performance. But it is the Hindi dubbed version of the movie that seems to have gained more attention among the young film goers.

The 32-year-old actor has a lot to offer — from Hindi expletives to hilarious comebacks — looks like Ranveer has let himself free while working on the project. But can the dubbing scene in India improve, especially with big names being roped in?

Filmmaker Harsh Narayan believes dubbing foreign films in Hindi and other regional films, to be a good trend. “More and more foreign films are getting dubbed, and hence, are being watched by a wider audience all over the country. The films are reaching out to people, who could otherwise have not been able to experience the international cinema because of the language issue. The cherry on the top is when our beloved icons like Ranveer Singh voice these films — it increases overall engagement of ours in experiencing those films. But it’s also important to incorporate local and regional sensibilities to the dialogues for better connectivity of the audiences with the storyline,” shares Narayan while adding, “As more and more foreign films in dubbed version start getting successful, the quality of dialogue writing will also improve, and some mainstream established writers will also come forward in future in penning them. I see it as a process of evolution.”

Trade Analyst, Taran Adarsh agrees with the fact that dubbed versions help reach a wider audience and there is nothing wrong in that. “By getting their film dubbed in local languages, studios and producers can earn more money. Dubbing can be beneficial for the audience too. Take, for example, the Hindi version of Avengers that is really good. When a film is made in a language we are comfortable with, we enjoy the movie better as we catch every bit. When we watch a Hollywood movie in English, we may miss some lines. As far as Deadpool 2 is concerned the film has good dubbing and the dialogues are well conveyed. Dubbing the film in Hindi is a common phenomenon and I don’t think there is a particular tone. Rather there is a good amount of voice modulation in the film,” shares Adarsh.

It is impossible to dub the entire script without certain changes and with films that have a lot of punch lines; dubbing can be a little challenging. Thus, the entertainment factor is kept as a priority. Trade Analyst, Komal Nahta feels that the film has been nicely dubbed. “I loved the Hindi dialogues; they are funny and keep you entertained. I used to think that dubbing directors give instructions to the voice-over artists to not have the modulation in dialogues. But because my sister is a dubbing artiste, I know now that there are no such restrictions. There is no particular tone as such, but maybe the dialogues sound flat because of the pace of the film. Artists have to pack lengthy dialogues in a limited time span. Also, the modulation and tone of the dialogues depend on the genre of the film you are watching,” he says.


PR Professional and movie enthusiast, Akshay Kumar feels that getting in Ranveer for the Hindi dubbing was, in fact, a good move. “While watching the film, at times you will feel that Ranveer himself is acting as Deadpool and thinking of the wide Indian audience, it was surely a good promotional activity,” shares Kumar, who talking about the tone of the dubbing says, “As far as it entertains the audience, there’s no point in criticising it. But comparing the dubbed versions with original ones, be it English to Hindi, Hindi to Telugu, or any other case, the dubbed versions will always have a low point and when it comes to films with several comic punches in it. The dubbed versions can’t take everything as it is, else it will degrade the entertainment quotient of the film. That’s where regional and much more relative comedy is required. It is used to keep the respective audience involved.”

Director Akashdeep Sabir believes that Hollywood films are not as loud as Bollywood. “They have a subtle tone and can’t be dubbed with melodrama, like in Indian films. Indian stars are responsible and they don’t do anything for the sake of doing it. Also, Hollywood films are not dubbed for tier one cities but are meant to reach out to audiences all over India. They understand the Hindi dialogues, even though they might be a little flat. Moreover, if Hindi dubbing is not so good then Indian companies should be responsible for it because it is their work to get that done nicely,” says he.

Sabir asserts, “A Hollywood company will not get involved in approving the Hindi version of a film. On the whole, however, I don’t think Hindi dubbing has ruined Hollywood movies.”

But not all agree with dubbing being a great trend. Many were disappointed with the dubbed version as it carried particular undertones to it and propagated regional racism. Aggravating the sentiments, Ranveer who is voicing Ryan Reynolds’ character recently said that the sole reason he did the film was that he wanted to give gaalis onscreen. Filmmaker Amartya Bhattacharyya, known for his works being mostly surreal, dark in concept, and psychoanalytic in nature, feels that dubbing foreign films in Hindi is a bad idea. “Some Hindi dubbings are so bad that they can put both the actors and the original writers to shame. Also, big stars are the biggest problems of Indian cinema. When a cinema is presented, the focus should be on doing justice to the cinematic elements, not to sell anything in the name of cinema. Unfortunately, many people who associate themselves with this business are very scantily exposed to the art. So the end result is just pathetic,” shares Bhattacharyya.

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