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Jab Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev met Ranveer Singh

Published : Jul 24, 2018, 12:09 am IST
Updated : Jul 24, 2018, 12:09 am IST

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and actor Ranveer Singh discuss music, success, soccer and match steps to a happy dance.

Both of them grabbed attention the minute they walked onto the stage in their unique style.
 Both of them grabbed attention the minute they walked onto the stage in their unique style.

The third edition of a management school’s Leadership Conclave kicked off with a number of speakers from various fields leading sessions. The most interesting of these would definitely have to be that of Sadhguru and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Both of them grabbed attention the minute they walked onto the stage in their unique style. Sadhguru, in a calm and dignified manner, and Ranveer Singh with his flamboyance in full swing. It was really interesting to see two people who live lives poles apart complimenting each other on stage.

They discussed some of the more serious stuff like life, the purpose of living, success and also lighter topics like music, sports, technology, travel etc. It was very apparent from the start that it would be Sadhguru who would be sharing his insightful knowledge and Ranveer would bring in the comic relief. But as the session progressed, the roles were reversed. Sadhguru brought out his more humorous side, while Ranveer showed that there was more to him than what we are exposed to.  


Since they made a grand entrance with music playing in the background, music was the first thing they discussed. Sadhguru stated, “My notion of dance is due to the rhythm I have found with life.” While Ranveer opined that music was a form of active meditation.

Getting into philosophical mode, Sadhguru added, “Life is made up of bhava (sensation) through which we experience life, raaga (tune) which we don’t have a part in as existence has already set a tune for us, and lastly the taala (rhythm) which is the ability to live this life is only in finding the taala.”

Talking about success in life, Sadhguru added, “It is very important that I do everything I can do absolutely and if you are doing something different, I can just look at you for the joy of seeing someone else’s success. When you are concerned only about how to be better than the other person, then you won’t enjoy the other person’s success nor will you enjoy your own.”   


An ardent follower of football and fan of Colombian footballer James Rodgriuez, Sadhguru was in Russia recently to watch the World Cup. He said, “I would have loved to see James Rodriguez play, but unfortunately,  Colombia was voted out before I had the chance. I was very impressed with the way the Russian government organised the event. There was a volunteer around every corner to help.”

Throughout the entire conversation, Ranveer made it a point to send flying kisses to Sadhguru who commented that he should send it out to the audience instead. After a point, even Sadhguru gave up.

The session ended when a request to see them both dancing turned into reality. In true filmi style, Ranveer sprung into action, while Sadhguru joined in towards the end.


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