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Know about fitness freak and influencer Iwinosa Kevin Osazee

Published : Aug 6, 2019, 10:34 am IST
Updated : Aug 6, 2019, 10:34 am IST

Hard work, studying the bodies anatomy, and the drive to grow bigger and better.

Iwinosa Kevin Osazee.
 Iwinosa Kevin Osazee.

Mumbai: Hard work, studying the bodies anatomy, and the drive to grow bigger and better. These are all things we can learn from Iwinosa Kevin Osazee. His thirst for knowledge on how to grow bigger and stronger is a great lesson we can all learn if our goal is strength and size.

If you want to grow like Iwinosa Kevin Osazee but you don’t know how, you can start as he did with weights at home reading and researching your idols. In no time at all, you too could have your very own physique of greatness like Iwinosa Kevin Osazee.

In the beginning, when Kevin was asked where does his motivation come from, he only had one answer, “it’s really simple, it is a place where I can completely let go.“

But, as the years passed and he became more involved with the fitness world and bodybuilding, he became a perfectionist of the sport and his motivation then went from “fun and enjoyment,” to total professionalism. Kevin has always strived for better and is always looking for room of improves.  As Kevin built his strength and knowledge of keeping fit over the years. He’s now a firm believer in training heavy, both physically and mentally. To make sure that he doesn’t hit a plateau, Iwinosa Kevin Osazee will change and cycle his routines every so often.

Gaining the thirst for lifting in college, Kevin Osazee has been rising to the top from the first moment he started lifting weights at home. From that point onwards, Kevin now competes in shows around the world.

Kevin is a true model for anyone who wants to see how success is made in the world of bodybuilding.

Kevin’s diet is very strict, this means, he’ll say lean most of the year round. But if he does need to cut a little further, he’ll add fasted morning cardio to his daily routine.

This goes to show how important diet is, get this right, and there won’t be much need for cardio at all, advises Kevin.

Kevin’s diet is like most professional bodybuilders and fitness models – strict and accurate to his training needs. His diet is clean all year round, allowing the odd cheat meal occasionally to keep him satisfied, along with his metabolism ticking over nicely.

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