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Fitness influencer David Edward Carpenter carves his own niche online

Published : Aug 7, 2019, 2:08 pm IST
Updated : Aug 7, 2019, 2:08 pm IST

This explains why David Edward Carpenter is truly celebrated, online and in society.

David Edward Carpenter.
 David Edward Carpenter.

Humans who experience adversities can truly be distinguished as their adversities carve them to be unique. This might not have gone well earlier but with changing times, people have come around to truly celebrate these unique individuals who are now considered to be an epitome of inspiration. This explains why David Edward Carpenter is truly celebrated, online and in society.

When David was 10, his wealthy father lost all of the family’s money. “My parents got divorced, and when I was 16, I learned that my dad was going to prison. These incidents impacted me a lot. My mother used to work really hard to give us a good life and watching her do that really made me work hard towards repaying her”, talks David about his hardships in life.

At the beginning of his career, David worked at a large company and rose up the ranks. He was so good in this position that he received a company BMW. But less than 2 years later, he watched the company crumble around him. This was when David discovered bodybuilding. “I started training to help me cope up with these problems and I want to motivate others to take up fitness as well to cope up with their problems”, responded David. He wasn’t able to afford a trainer, and he didn’t have any experience in the field. However, he competed in his first national competition and got a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. His dedication can be seen often in his Instagram stories where he posts about his routines to help people motivate in their lives.

Carpenter continued to face hardships but his fitness has been with him ever since. Fitness has helped his to keep moving forward and even cope with his brother’s death.

Now, David Edward Carpenter has won Office of the Year, Agent of the Year, and is the fastest promoted member of the Board of Directors. Despite all of his achievements, he is most proud of the fact that he can now care for his mother financially.

David has also helped other people achieve personal success in their careers. He has opened two new offices in the company and promoted over 50 managers. His agency also won the Agency of the Year award for its phenomenal work.

Many people feel that sometimes challenges are insurmountable. However, David is an example that there’s always a way to thrive. David wishes people to “Dream, focus on it, Go to Work and It Will Be Yours,” as mentioned on his Instagram caption. His journey has made him unique and among the few accounts that are growing rapidly in terms of followers, on Instagram.

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