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Saanya Bajaj reveals how she became a blogger

Published : Aug 20, 2019, 12:05 pm IST
Updated : Aug 20, 2019, 12:05 pm IST

No prizes for guessing that the photograph went viral immediately, surprising the couple.

Saanya Bajaj.
 Saanya Bajaj.

Can you be unique yet ordinary? Or can you be different yet unique?  Well, Saanya Bajaj, a lawyer by education and a creator of digital content, has perfected these skills and amalgamated the same into a perfect life for herself along with her dashing army officer husband. Saanya, 26, projects a deep understanding of life so far, which probably stems from the fact that this budget-traveller couple put aside a month every year to visit a new place. So far, Saanya, with her hubby, has visited more than 15 countries, some of which are France (there is an interesting story behind it), Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Based in Pune, Maharashtra, this bubbly girl treats life as one long journey, where the destinations keep changing every year. And all this is reflected in her Instagram handle - @thatordinarycouple! Together, Saanya and her husband have created a vibrant world on this social medium, through which they inspire would-be travellers with amazing glimpses of their travelling life! Though Saanya loves the work that requires her to create digital content for brands and help upcoming brands in finding their feet in the market, she looks forward to that one month of being footloose somewhere out in the world!

The social media bug bit Saanya back in 2016, when she started blogging and put up her current Instagram profile picture – a romantic kiss against a bright Paris sky atop the Eiffel Tower! No prizes for guessing that the photograph went viral immediately, surprising the couple. It was then that Saanya realized what a wonderful career social media could be turned into. However, for her, life on social media is not about frivolous party hopping or mindless posing in front of the camera. She has carefully crafted a social media personality through her accounts and blog, which acts as a glimpse into her daily life. Here, it is important to mention that their happening life is dominated by their little terrier – lovingly christened pixiethemixie!

Having met her then boyfriend-now husband as well pixiethemixie on Facebook, Saanya believes it is useless to fret over the future. Instead, she knows life can be unpredictable, so she lets life take her wherever it wants to. Between budget travelling and living life as an army wife, Saanya doesn’t forget to enjoy the ordinary things in life. Her life story, so far, is not only relatable among the millennials but also inspiring for everyone looking for something extra in life. Her philosophy in life – “If I can help even one person feel happy about their day, then I think my job is done!” Sweet, yet profound, no!

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