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Dzheykhun Babaev a real influencer for the people who wants to become Hairstylist

Published : Sep 20, 2019, 5:37 pm IST
Updated : Sep 20, 2019, 5:37 pm IST

Dzheykhun has given his work for many top celebrities around the globe.

Dzheykhun Babaev.
 Dzheykhun Babaev.

Dzheykhun Babaev is a fabulous talent and master when it comes to hair-styling. Very few can touch his excellence in hair-styling in the whole world. Dzheykhun Babaev was born on February 8 1994, and He feels number 8 is his lucky number.

Dzheykhun Babaev and his family moved to Yekaterinburg, asthma when Dzheykhun Babaev was only seven years old. Then they went to Azerbaijan in the summer.

Dzheykhun Babaev is very close to his parents, and he feels proud that his parents give him everything, even in a tough situation in life. He belongs to traditional Azerbaijani people and follows the trend dearly.

Very few new that Dzheykhun Babaev has also done designing and work in flower salon for five long years. When he was 15 he join that work and he did it for next five years. Dzheykhun Babaev got married when he was 20. He feels life change after on the right side. His wife is also a renowned makeup artist with more than five years of experience.

Dzheykhun Babaev has two beautiful kids; he has grown his family and his business with two salons and started his own brand*BABAEVSKI*.

Dzheykhun Babaev is a famous personality in Russia and around the places, he has given his work for many top celebrities around the globe. His brand value is increasing day by day with his fabulous work.

He is giving training to many young ones in Russia hometown. He guides on an average of 300 people in a year. He feels he is fortunate that people have recognized his talent and appreciating his work.  

Recently he gave a fantastic masterclass in India, which was very successful, and everyone just enjoyed his class with heart. He received lots of love in India, and he was so impressed that he has decided to come again in India to help more people and work for B-town celebrities.

Dzheykhun Babaev is also going to America in 2020. He has waited for long to visit America for giving his master class and work. He also wants to go to Australia, Singapore.

Dzheykhun Babaev has his other right side too. He loves to do charity work whenever he is free. Seriously he is a kind-hearted person who cares for the people around him.

It feels good when we people like Dzheykhun Babaev who is a real gem of an artist a Hairstylist, an inspiration for many. We wish he grow more in life and give us fabulous hair tips to look stunning in every event.

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