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Tunes dedicated to friendship

Published : Aug 6, 2018, 12:06 am IST
Updated : Aug 6, 2018, 12:06 am IST

In an era where a lot of music is dedicated to romance, Ananya Birla has come out with a single to celebrate friendship.

Ananya Birla
 Ananya Birla

Born into jet-setting luxury; a profession in business could have been archetypal for Ananya Birla. But, the feisty 24-year old chose to digress from the safe (bizz-whizz Birla) shores and etch out on her own — as a musician. The Birla tag may have gotten people to sit up and take a look at her work, but it has been an arduous yet beautiful journey of trial, errors and unwavering faith in her pursuit, for Ananya Birla — an entrepreneur, Indian singer and songwriter.

Ananya opens up about her newly launched  music single, Circles. The song is a dedication to friendship, and it is currently trending on many international music charts.

“So many people these days sing about romance and break-ups. That can make for great music, but I don’t think friendship gets as much credit as its due for the impact it has on our lives. To be honest, my most important relationship right now is the one I have with my best mate. Aside of mum, my friends have played a crucial role in helping me deal with anxiety,” shares Ananya.  

She adds that she wanted to use this song as an opportunity to say thank you to a person, who has been with her through thick and thin. Circles has been released worldwide with her music company.

Despite being grateful and appreciative for her buddies,  Ananya clarifies that she isn’t clingy. “I’m not possessive over my friends at all, I love connecting my friends and expanding our social circles to include more like-minded people.”  

Ananya’s music has always had a very groovy vibe to it, and falls under the genres of electro pop, and is heavy on the pop.  “The stuff I create has always been authentic and emotionally driven – the stories behind the songs are personal to me and inspired by my own experiences,” reveals Ananya.

She has her family backing her in her music pursuits, but, Ananya is all for creating her own identity. “My parents gave us a pretty normal upbringing, so there were no frills about hailing from a so and so family. I have been inspired by my family’s achievements, although it can be a bit intimidating! At the end of the day, I know (and they know) that I’m an individual and I have to follow my own path, have my own successes and make my own mistakes.”

Clearly, the Mumbai girl has her goals set. “My sound is still developing and is continually being influenced by the places where I go and the amazing people I get to work with around the world. I want to use music to connect with people of every nationality, gender and social background.”

Ask her what’s next, and she says, “In my upcoming releases, I hope to incorporate a more acoustic sound and experiment with some traditional Indian elements.”

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