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On-camera romance is just a part of the job, says Sangeita Chauhaan

Published : Apr 2, 2017, 12:06 am IST
Updated : Apr 2, 2017, 6:39 am IST

Sangeita Chauhaan and Sahil Uppal chat about what makes them click so well on as well as off the screen.

Sangeita Chauhaan and Sahil Uppal
 Sangeita Chauhaan and Sahil Uppal

While interacting for their show Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan, the lead pair Sahil Uppal and Sangeita Chauhaan realised that their introverted natures meant that they have a lot in common. That understanding became the catalyst to forge a great off-screen bond  between the two. The comfort and equation the duo shares translates beautifully on-screen as sizzling chemistry, making them an adorable pair on TV. In a candid chat, the jodi tells us what makes them click. Edited excerpts:    
Common traits often give people a reason to bond. I am sure you that you two will readily agree with me on this...
Sahil: Yes, totally. We are both shy in real life, and so we easily hit it off in the very first meeting. Soon after the mock shoot, we started bonding and now we have become good friends.
Sangeita: The moment we realised we are both introverts, there was no further need to break the ice. We could relate to each other very well. Sahil is a man of few words, but it’s a lot of fun to shoot together.
Since you two are practically of the same height, Sahil has to be upright all the time for his scenes. Do you wish one were less tall than the other?
Sahil: Not at all! I have always been paired opposite girls who are shorter than me in height, so this is a good change for me. Besides, who doesn’t like tall girls?
Sangeita: No. Actually we are not the same height, even though it seems like it. I am 5’9” and Sahil is 5’11”, so he is taller.
Sangeita actually slapped you while performing a romantic scene. Was the prank too much to stomach?
Sahil: It came as a shock to me because I didn’t expect Sangeita to do something like that. But it’s all about the comfort zone we share. Even I jokingly slap her or trouble  her off-screen sometimes, even during interviews.
Sangeita: It was just a light pat on his cheek — nothing like a full-fledged slap. It’s been exaggerated.
Everyone swears by the Taj Mahal. You two recently got to visit the monument in all its glory during your promotional tour. How was it?
Sahil: As I hail from New Delhi, I have visited Taj Mahal a lot of times during my holidays. But this time it was a different experience altogether with my co-actors and team. Visiting Taj was actually Maasi Ma’s (Suchitra Pillai) idea since she hadn’t seen it before and I could see the amazement in her eyes as she saw it. The experience is difficult to put into words.
Sangeita: It was mesmerising. I had memories of Taj as a kid, the half-forgotten kind. With my recent trip, I have that picture printed in my heart forever.
How often do you guys argue over a scene?
Sahil: I can’t think of any arguments happening between us related to a scene. We both put our points across and understand each other’s point of view.
Sangeita: We never argue; we discuss.

How would you describe your journey so far?
Sahil: ‘Blessed’ is the word. Being a part of this show is like a dream come true.
Sangeita: Against all odds, we have been learning and growing with each step, and making friends for life. To sum it up in one word, it’s been successful.
What have been the ups and downs of playing your respective characters?
Sahil: I can’t think of any downs at the moment. It’s a ball, portraying Kunal’s character.  I am thankful to the writers for giving me so many interesting scenes.
Sangeita: Meghna is strong, determined and impulsive but positive. The only challenge for me is to take care of that thin line in every scene that might make her look negative. So we have to maintain the balance between being aggressive yet positive in every scene.

Given your introverted nature, romancing must have been tough on national television. How do you guys manage to pull it off?   
Sahil: The fact that we are friends really helps. There is never any awkward moment between us. Sangeita is understanding, and lets you do your thing, even encouraging you to explore new avenues. So we never felt uncomfortable shooting romantic scenes and I am glad that the viewers are appreciating our chemistry as a couple.
Sangeita: Although we are introverts, we were not at all uncomfortable shooting romantic scenes. In fact, we often have a laugh shooting. We both understand that on-camera romance is just a part of the job. We both are comfortable with each other and that helps us keep the chemistry alive.

Rapid Fire
Your favourite food on the sets:

Sahil: I get my food from home.
Sangeita: I get tiffin from home but I also enjoy the iced tea you get on the sets.

Your favourite line on the sets:
Sahil: When my director says “Pakao mat”.
Sangeita: When our director says “Nice” and that means we have given a good take.

Your stress buster on the set:
Sahil : I go for a walk with my headphones on and listen to few upbeat Bollywood songs.
Sangeita : Music

Your dream date:
Sahil: A date in Paris. Dinner against Eiffel Tower’s backdrop will be just so perfect.
Sangeita : Quality time spent with someone special is like a dream and an outing on a yacht would be interesting.

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