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From rivalry to revelry

Published : Aug 7, 2017, 12:02 am IST
Updated : Aug 7, 2017, 12:02 am IST

The festival of Rakhi always brings back beautiful childhood memories.

Aahana Kumra, actress
 Aahana Kumra, actress

This Rakhi celebs tell us at what point in life their siblings became their friends.

Aahana Kumra, actress
I’ve always had a very deep connect with both my sister and my brother. We don’t stay in the same country and city but we stay in touch. That one moment when my brother called me and cried when he missed me a lot was the time I realised that for us having each other is the greatest gift in the world. The fact that I can always pick up the phone and speak to my brother and sister and say I love you to them is the best feeling in the whole world!

Sana Khaan, actress
I don’t have a real brother or sister but my cousins never let me feel like a single child. We have fought over dresses and toys. My sisters became my best friends over the years and I discuss my life problems with them. It’s so beautiful to have them around, as you can blindly trust them. 

Sana Khaan, actressSana Khaan, actress

Amit Ranjan, supermodel 
Like every year on Raksha Bandhan, I try and be with my family. I have two sisters and one brother and several young cousins. We all live together in a joint family. I am the eldest in the family and the youngest is about 25 years younger than me. Having her tie Rakhi on my hand is just an adorable feeling. I have a wide spectrum of conversations and dialogues with each one of them. Most of the time I try and pamper them all. We do have great bonding time when we all come together and exchange things that are happening in one’s respective life. I feel that the best discussions happen when you can share anything with each other. I have a very open relationship with all my siblings. Instead of the usual sibling fights, I’m their go-to guy for all sorts of fashion advice and even relationship advice. Especially, if they have something to say which they can’t share with our mom, I am the one they approach. That way, I also get to hear all the gossip.

Amit Ranjan, supermodelAmit Ranjan, supermodel

Neeti Palta, stand-up comedienne
When all the pain he put me through became my material on stage and all the stories about him always got the best response from the audience, I think all those fights and arguments became well worth. He finally heard me tell all those jokes on stage in Bangkok, where he had brought his boss and his best friend along. My moment of pride was watching him laugh at himself. 

Neeti Palta, stand-up comedienneNeeti Palta, stand-up comediennebb

Shashaa Tirupati, singer
I grew up in Canada in a household with two younger brothers, the youngest of which was much younger to me. I even remember changing diapers for him! I was always the motherly figure. We lived together for 18-19 years with our share of sibling rivalry and mischief. I left home when I was about 18 to pursue my musical career and coming home only once a while. Once I went home after three years, my youngest brother received me and I realised how much of his teenage years I’d missed. The older helps me make wise financial decisions. Time and distance stripped us of a lot of moments, but our bond stays stronger than ever. I still steal their t-shirts. 

Shashaa Tirupati, singerShashaa Tirupati, singer

Neha Saxena, TV actress
I have sisters, when we all use to stay together we use to fight with each other but love was always there. When I shifted to Mumbai my bond with my sisters got stronger, distance made it even more beautiful. I share an amazing bond with them. They both are my 4 am friends and I can share anything with my sisters. Since I am the youngest they have covered up for me many times but I didn’t get the opportunity to do that.

Neha Saxena, TV actressNeha Saxena, TV actress

Akasa Singh, singer 
I have a younger brother, and like most older sisters, I was like a mother. I would take him to birthday parties with me and feed him before I ate myself. He was like my little minion following me around. Then he grew up and that’s when the fights started because he wasn’t doing what I told him to. After college, I started doing stage shows, and my brother accompanied me to every gig, as my male vocalist. I feel like we grew closer than before.

Akasa Singh, singer Akasa Singh, singer

Sorabh Pant, stand-up comedian 
While growing up, my sister and I never had any major fights, and I think the prime reason for it was because we had two separate rooms for ourselves. However, there was one time when we had to share one room and boy, all hell broke. We always shared a close bond but real friendship brewed when my sister moved aboard. That was when we realised how much we need each other. She still remains my biggest supporter. 

Sorabh Pant, stand-up comedianSorabh Pant, stand-up comedian

Dheeraj Dhoopar, actor
I have an elder sister and her name is Shaila. Being an elder sister, she has always been the dominant one but I was never fond of it and thus had a few fights. Things changed once I went to Bareilly for my schooling. I guess being apart really made us understand the importance of our relation. There onwards, we were like best friends. I began to discuss my problems with her and she would give the correct suggestions. 

Dheeraj Dhoopar, actorDheeraj Dhoopar, actor

Palak Muchhal, singer 
My brother Palash is my pride and my superstar. As kids, we used to fight a lot (we still do). Though we fight a little less now, that memories of innocent and bitter-sweet fights are still preserved in our hearts. This is the only relationship which is so unique that nothing can affect it. We both are busy but we know we are there for each other. 

Palak Muchhal, singer Palak Muchhal, singer

Ridhima Pandit, actor
We are two sisters and we enjoy our time together. My elder sister is more like a mother to me. But we do have our days when we argue a lot. When I was graduating from college, I realised how much she means to me. Even today I discuss everything with her about what’s happening in my life personally and professionally. She is my confidante.  

Ridhima Pandit, actorRidhima Pandit, actor

Ihana Dhillon, actress 
I have an elder sister and elder brother. I share the same bond with them. They both are very protective about me. Like other siblings we also use to have cat fights but being the youngest I was always the pampered one and all my mistakes were forgiven. If I get one wish I would want to go back to my childhood and spend all my time with my siblings. 

Ihana Dhillon, actressIhana Dhillon, actress

Vayu, singer
My elder brother Gaurav and I used to fight a lot in our childhood. We have had many tussles. Later, he went to boarding school to study. However with the demise of our mother, things changed. He began taking care of me. We would stand with me during tough times. I also began to look up to him for solutions. He is still is my go-to person. 

Vayu, singerVayu, singer

Vahbbiz Dorabjee, TV actress 
My brother and I are very different people but we have a great bond. That’s the best part of our relationship that makes it so much fun. He is very inspiring and a fitness freak. I am very proud of him. He is a man of few words while I am a chatterbox. He is a diet freak and I’m a foodie. He is calm and cool and I’m the hyper and bubbly one.

Vahbbiz Dorabjee, TV actress Vahbbiz Dorabjee, TV actress

Jay Soni, actor  
We are three brothers and grew up fighting a lot. I have always guided them in life but with time, I saw them acting really mature and that’s when I guess we all connected more than ever. Today, we always help each other. Apart from that, one of my cousin sisters who lives Dubai, is very close to me. Just speaking to her fills me with joy. 

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