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  04 Apr 2021  Meet Aniket Kanade, a successful photographer and a creative soul

Meet Aniket Kanade, a successful photographer and a creative soul

Published : Apr 4, 2021, 9:10 pm IST
Updated : Apr 4, 2021, 9:10 pm IST

Kanade calls himself a learner and considers the internet as his best teacher which has made him reach one step closer to his dream

 Aniket Kanade
  Aniket Kanade

Being a middle-class guy and dreaming of doing something different from the league is not an easy task and when you’re living in India where such passions are not given much importance make it more complicated. But if you have that dedication inside you of not giving up in any situation then you can definitely stand different from the league. Meet Aniket Kanade who became successful by preferring his passion for photography and now known as a successful photographer of the era.

Like every other middle-class guy, Aniket was also forced to be a part of the sheep mentality and to follow the 9-5 job trend but it was his guts and dedication which halted him from becoming a slave and the result is here, Aniket is now associated with a lot of well-known brands, Influencers and has done shoots for them. He has been shining his skills in photography since his school days. He initially began with clicking photographs of nature, his companions, family and family members and now, his work has shown up on a few magazine covers, top distributions and mainstream online media pages.

When asked what does photography mean to him, Aniket says, “Photography to me is looking at what’s in front of you, imagining what it could be and trying your best to show the world what that image was in your head.” From high school to now, Aniket Kanade has learned and grown a lot in his manner and style of clicking pictures.

Hailing from Pune, this young boy has gained his identity as the best professional candid wedding photographer only because of his extraordinary skills and passion. He knows how to make a moment memorable for the whole life by just clicking some stunning pictures with his excellent combination of unique vision, lighting, camera angle and perfect timing. He has done a lot of wedding shoots and events in his career and major of them are of the most talked-about celebrity weddings & events from clients like Sharad Pawar, Utkarsh Shinde, Dnyaneshwari Gaikwad, Fazel Atrachali, Savita Prabhune, to name a few. The year 2011 changed his life because this was the year when he embarked on his journey to build his career in the field of photography passionately

About this huge progress in his life, Aniket Kanade says, “There’s always more mountains that could be climbed and conquered.” People around him always loved his work. Aniket knows the art of turning the simplest room into a great studio to click aesthetic pictures. He believes that photography is not just about having a camera, one has to be a creative visionary too. After achieving all this at a very young age he still works on his skills to make them sharp to give his clients the best results. He gained all the knowledge from the internet and As a creative mind, he calls himself a learner and considers the internet as his best teacher which has made him reach one step closer to his dream.

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