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  06 Jul 2021  How Rohit Golia found his calling in Entrepreneurship

How Rohit Golia found his calling in Entrepreneurship

Published : Jul 6, 2021, 10:53 am IST
Updated : Jul 6, 2021, 10:53 am IST

Rohit was able to turn his ambition into reality with his principled thinking and unwavering faith

Rohit has been able to create his own space in the industry.
 Rohit has been able to create his own space in the industry.

With a rise in online voices and the easy accessibility of the internet, the world has seen the conception of a booming industry with infinite potential: Influencer Marketing. A market that was relatively unexplored a couple of years ago has now transformed into a field of dreams, ambition, and endless opportunities. Dominating the game in this sphere is The Plug Media: a 360-degree influencer marketing and talent management company based out of Mumbai. Founded by Rohit Golia and Apoorv Bhatnagar, The Plug Media aims to add a new dimension to the digital space, creating a fluid connection between brands, influencers, and their audience.

Being one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in this expanding yet saturated niche is no easy feat, but with his vision, determination and passion, Rohit has been able to create his own space in the industry. Having started out with a mere investment of Rs. 8000, Rohit was able to turn his ambition into reality with his principled thinking and unwavering faith. At a time when a lot of people are considering unconventional routes for their careers, entrepreneurship continues to be a decision that comes with its own set of unpredictability, impediments, and challenges.


When asked about what propelled him to become an entrepreneur instead of taking the usual route to a stable job, Rohit said, “Having a job certainly brings stability but can also lead to stagnancy. Entrepreneurship on the other hand is definitely a risky prospect, but also provides boundless opportunities and challenges.”

It’s no surprise that entrepreneurship is a field that comes with its own challenges. Elucidating on the two-sided nature of entrepreneurship, Rohit remarked, “With the right foundation, entrepreneurship is a stable calculated risk with great rewards.” The volatile nature of the stakes involved when you opt for becoming an entrepreneur, was perhaps the very challenge that fuelled Rohit into choosing this field.


Having worked in the corporate sector for a while before making the switch to entrepreneurship, Rohit says his goal was “to understand working in dynamic environments and get a knack of the nitty-grittys of operations.” Owing to his experience in the field, along with years of blood, sweat, and tears, Rohit summarizes his 4P’s of Entrepreneurship as, “People. Purpose. Passion. Perseverance.”

A company is not built by the efforts of a singular person, but by a culmination of efforts by like-minded people determined to reach a similar goal. Turning your dream into a reality is what requires purpose, passion, and the ability to stay resilient when times get tough. But with its own unique hardships, Entrepreneurship is also a choice that offers life-changing lessons that mold you into a different person.


When speaking about how his journey with The Plug Media changed him, Rohit said, “Entrepreneurship is essentially parenthood in business terms. Your company is your brainchild. Founding and fostering your own startup brings in a certain kind of maturity, commitment, responsibility, and accountability.”

Despite all the risks, inhibitions, and turmoil it takes to set up a new business, it also allows one to not just gain a wider perspective about how the world functions, but also offers an insightful experience when it comes to understanding oneself. Rohit’s journey from quitting his corporate job to creating his own company with his close friend Apoorv was perhaps a risky decision but one which had a pay-off much greater than financial success. With a supportive team, new ideas and dreams bigger than the ordinary, The Plug Media has not just plugged the gaps in the Influencer Marketing field but has also helped diversify the online content creation space by pushing their creators to realize their maximum potential.


When asked about the best part about being an entrepreneur, Rohit said it is, ”the liberty to ideate and the ability and resourcefulness to lead ideas to fruition. It is empowering to be able to make things happen.”

The drive to make things happen and turn things around to support your dreams is often a decision that comes with its fair share of obstacles along the way. It’s often faith in who we are and what we are striving for, which helps turns dreams into success. Confident, focused, and a go-getter, it was Rohit’s love for what he does which helped him emerge as a maverick in the game. While Rohit’s 4 cardinal P’s of entrepreneurship are what guide his journey, it’s perhaps the 5th P that helps him stay on track: patience.


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