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  11 Aug 2021  Start Your Export Business from India to Australia

Start Your Export Business from India to Australia

Published : Aug 12, 2021, 2:43 am IST
Updated : Aug 12, 2021, 2:43 am IST

The two countries share a historical connection

This is a golden opportunity for trading and exporting products to the island continent.
 This is a golden opportunity for trading and exporting products to the island continent.

India and Australia's trading relationships are one of the most stable and friendly over the decades, and at present, the relationship is at its peak than ever before. Indian exports to Australia have been growing and supported by many high-level meetings and interactions on business and trade flow between the two countries. These efforts have boosted Indian exports to Australia. The two countries share a historical connection, and both value and demand the products produced in their respective countries.

Textiles and clothing:

In 2001, 25% of India's total export to Australia was in the textile, clothing, and make-up sector. It is estimated to be about $ 204.5 million this year. India has always been a land of fabrics, and there are a huge variety of beautiful fabrics produced in the country.

Textiles are intrinsically attached to India, and the demand for Indian textiles is huge across the globe. As Australians have exquisite taste in the fabrics of India, one can specialize and grow as an exporter in this sector. One can start manufacturing and export on a small scale with knowledge in fabric and clothing designs, and once the market is captured, one can start expanding.

Jewelry and Gems:

Jewelry has always been recognized as the signature hallmark of Indian culture. India has an enormous range of precious stones and gems, which are limited in availability but are in demand in the international market. Therefore, with an in-depth knowledge analysis of this market, you can earn a handsome profit. The scarcity and demand serve as the backbone of this trade. Jewellery is one also something India exports to australia.

Australia is a good market to export jewelry and gems. The prominent items in demand in the Australian market are the rare and unique gems, gold, stones, and intricately designed jewelry of silver jewelry. This business is in increasing demand, and with a good initial investment in the business, this will be a great business to trade.

Food Products:

In India exports to Australia, the agricultural products sector accounted for 11% of them in 2001. Tobacco exports rose from A$ 2.5 million in 2000 to A$ 4.2 million in 2001, and exports of spices increased to A$ 5.8 million in 2001 from almost A$ 5 million in 2000. Exporting food products from India to Australia is a great profitable trade. Indian tea is renowned across the globe, and the demand for Indian tea in Australia is huge and unparalleled, especially with the variety of tea found in India.

This can earn huge revenues. Indian spices is another product that has great potential and is profitable for Exporting to Australia. Buying in bulk is profitable as the price in India is very lower than the Australian market. These products can be sold in the Australian market at much higher prices.

Leather goods for fashion and sportswear:

Exports to Australia from India in leather goods, travel goods, and leather footwear registered a growth to A$ 56 million in 2001 from A$ 55 million in 2000. Leather is one the most profit-making businesses. Leather products of India are in great demand in the market of Australia. Leather shoes, sandals, and other footwear are in great demand.

So are luggage bags for travel as well as purses and accessories of leather made from India. Fashion products of leather from the Indian sellers are very good for export. Likewise, leather sports products are in high demand for an enthusiastic sports country Australia. This business also requires you to undergo a proper legal process.

Software Services:

India offers the cheapest Information technology and software services worldwide, and Australia is an important country to take advantage of these services. One can start one's Software firm with few employees, and with proper channels in Australia, various support and other services can be provided to customers in Australia.

There is ample opportunity to grow this business and export them to the international market with proper training and knowledge. Competition in this trade is increasing at the same time. It offers new opportunities with time. Australian companies demand critical technologies like website development and designing skills majorly. Tapping this sector will be beneficial for the long term.

Creative and Artists Goods:

Indian art and indigenous products have a rich heritage and have always been recognized as one of the world's most unique and authentic ones. The art and craft of India have always attracted people across the world with time. Australia is one of the top destinations which have authentic creative Indian products in great demand.

Giving a platform to creative talent through exports is the right thing to do. A huge number of business clients in Australia can help create market products in the country. Products ranging from gift items to interior designing items are exported from India to Australia at high prices. This is one of the high-profit businesses for Indians in Australia.

Indian exports to Australia have considerably increased over the years, but the scope for development still exists. The governments of both countries are building efforts to expand Indian exports to Australia for it to reach its optimum potential. This is a golden opportunity for trading and exporting products to the island continent. These products are excellent, rewarding and profitable for export to Australia.

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