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  12 Mar 2021  Actor Pravin Bhosale set to win hearts in Hindi & Marathi cinema

Actor Pravin Bhosale set to win hearts in Hindi & Marathi cinema

Published : Mar 12, 2021, 8:25 pm IST
Updated : Mar 12, 2021, 8:25 pm IST

Pravin has also dabbled in assisting directors on music videos and also choreographing for them

 Actor Pravin Bhosale
  Actor Pravin Bhosale

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” says budding actor Pravin Bhosale, who is slowly but steadily making his way into Bollywood and Marathi films. However, his struggle began way too early and the success and recognization he enjoys today, is because of his hustle. Always into dancing ever since he was a small boy, Pravin, in his own admission, says that he would never stand still and his feet were always moving.

In fact, Pravin started dancing professionally from the age of 15 and after a lot of ups and downs, got to work with renowned Bollywood choreographer-turned-director Remo Dsouza. He credits Remo for teaching him a lot about dancing and the acting business, given Remo gave Pravin his break in Bollywood with ABCD 2 in 2012. And from there, began Pravin's transition from a choreographer to an actor. Recalling his rehearsals with his crew during ABCD 2, Pravin revealed how they would practice day and night to perfect their steps before their dance routines were shot. However, for Pravin, these rehearsals were like cakewalk given his dancing prowess and love for the dance floor.

"As my first film in Bollywood I believe I couldn’t have got anything better as it taught me patience, integrity and of course increased my dancing skills to another level," reveals Pravin. For ABCD 2, Pravin went through all the motions of a student learning from the scratch and that has paid off big time as Pravin went on to be cast in Street Dancer 3D and two of Mahesh Manjrekar's Marathi projects.

His most recent role as an actor was in 1962- The War In The Hills, a Mahesh Manjrekar directed web-series which was also Pravin's web-series debut. The series aired on Hotstar Specials and saw Pravin play the character of a brave soldier Veer. Pravin credits director Mahesh Manjrekar for giving him tips and teaching him the tips and tricks of the acting business. However, this isn't Pravin's only rodeo with Manjrekar. He was previously directed by  Manjrekar in the latter's film De Dhakka 2, which saw Pravin play the role of a musician. Not only did Pravin act in the movie, but also choreographed for it as well.

Pravin was next seen on the big screen in Remo Dsouza's 2019 film Street Dancer 3D where he played a notable role, a crucial part of Varun Dhawan's dance crew. Says Pravin, "The journey of the character Pravin in this film was just breathtaking for me. As an actor I developed my skills to a greater level. The skills were not just for acting but for dance as well. It took us to another level of dancing. We collaborated with other dancers from different countries and this really developed me as an individual and helped me to give my best and give justice to the character and dancer Pravin."

Pravin, has not just limited himself to Bollywood but ventured out to Marathi cinema as well. Another of his notable works as an actor, was in the Marathi movie FU: Friendship Unlimited, where he played Mandy. Pravin revealed that playing Mandy came very naturally to him as he is just like Mandy in real life and also, knowing his co-stars well helped him a lot.

Opening up about his personal life, Pravin reveals that he comes from a humble family background where he has been taught his whole life that success will come only with hard-work and dedication. And that is why Pravin is not afraid to put in all to succeed. "I believe every work I do I learn something new about the role or the industry itself. It makes me a better person, teacher and the most importantly a better actor. I never think I have done my best. I always think I could have done better this makes me want to learn more and more and do a better job in my next project."

On the work front, apart from being an established dancer and now an actor, Pravin has also dabbled in assisting directors on music videos and also choreographing for them. He believes in never sitting idle and utilizing his time in learning about every aspect that runs the entertainment industry. Well, success indeed comes to those who hustle... right?


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