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  15 Aug 2020  Zest Melange’s Naman Hai, An Anthem Celebrating Real Heroes And Covid-Warriors

Zest Melange’s Naman Hai, An Anthem Celebrating Real Heroes And Covid-Warriors

Published : Aug 15, 2020, 6:16 pm IST
Updated : Aug 15, 2020, 6:16 pm IST

The video song begins with the PM Narendra Modi lighting a Diya, perhaps an apt moment of hope, when we all needed some

Zest Melange’s Naman Hai
 Zest Melange’s Naman Hai

Zest Melange has launched Naman Hai, an anthem song which is an ode to our leader Narendra Modi and Covid-Warriors.

The song mark the first ever anthem about Covid-warriors across all spectrum, from doctors, nursing staff, administration, defence to daily workers, a heartfelt and emotional tribute to unsung real heroes.

The video song begins with the PM Narendra Modi lighting a Diya, perhaps an apt moment of hope, when we all needed some.

"The music video is shot in real location with real heroes rather than reel heroes"said Producer Shalini Shrivastava.

The makers Breakfree Meaningful Media and Entertainment pvt Ltd and Zest melange went all out to capture the essence of real struggle, hard work and dedication of Covid-warriors during these troubled times.

The makers choose an original Covid-hospital to shoot the video, to make it as authentic and heart-touching as possible and it shows.One cannot help to tear-up looking at the hard-work of selfless staff and helpers.

The director Rajeev shrivastav has taken all the personal effort and made it one of the best album saluting to mankind ." Rajeev Srivastava" had gathered the crew and shown the passion to shoot inside the Corona hospital.

Also penned down the dialogues which makes “Naman hai “one of the different genre of music album And Edited By Manish Pandey.

Singer Jeet Pramanik has given the right note to motivate the heart at this tough time.

You can see masked doctors, officers, working staff, cleaning crew, nursing staff and more, highlighting that we’re not alone in this fight and India too can come together to beat the odds.

The simple techniques to curb the spread is highlighted in the video song, focusing more on compliance with government guidelines, maintaining social distance, wearing masks.

"The aim of the anthem is to pay tribute to the efforts of our government, administrative and defence staff, the proactive measures they have taken to fight COVID-19. We wanted to let the entire world know that we can do it so the entire world can do too" says Dhruv, Co-Founder of Zest Melange.
He further added "

Zest Mélange. It sounds like a brand from the high streets of an Italian fashion hub. Well and truly it's exactly the opposite. It is a clothing brand which is made in India for the Indians and it's styling Indian corporate like never before. It has its heart perfectly in place with just three basics which are quality over quantity, Monday to Friday fashion Make in India which is definitely in lieu with the vision board of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Organic Fashion".

Each and every element of the anthem, from the lyrics to the production to the filming of the music video, was ideated and executed by the makers.
"India has done so well, we thought could write something to portray their struggle and success story. We planned everything for days. We did quite a bit of research about the people's struggle with the virus, cases and everything else and tried to incorporate in the anthem” added Dhruv.

We’ve just started and we got a long way to go before we can make a difference” Zest Melange Added Special Thanks to
Shri Yogi Adityanath
“Gorakhnath Mandir”

Guptashwar Pandey
"DGP Bihar"

Dr Dinesh Kurmi
"Dr. Kurmis Multispeciality Hospital, Mumbai"

Rahul Mahajan

Nasir Johnny Walker

Vinay kumar Gautam
"DOP of Gorakhnath Mandir"

 IPS Anand Vardhan Shukla
"Former IG Traffic Jaipur"

Lt.Col. Saumitra Joshi (Retd)

Suriaya Wadiwala
"Lions Club of Lonavala supremos".

Media/Digital Partner
 "Ruchika of Media Fourth"

The anthem reiterates ‘Naman Hai Bhumi Ke Veer Ko’ - a testimony to the nation’s combined efforts of adeptly handling Covid-19 turmoil.

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