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  16 Jan 2023  Successful leaders and their new year resolution and plans for 2023

Successful leaders and their new year resolution and plans for 2023

Published : Jan 17, 2023, 12:03 am IST
Updated : Jan 17, 2023, 12:03 am IST

Here are nine leaders sharing their plans for 2023.

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders share their resolutions. (Photo by arrangement)
 Successful entrepreneurs and leaders share their resolutions. (Photo by arrangement)

It's time to start looking ahead to this year of 2023 and setting goals. By making a commitment and plan one become a better leader and also helps the team to achieve even greater success. The right leadership planning decides the future of the entire business. Here are nine leaders sharing their plans for 2023, which will help with to take their business to another level and make the most of the year.

1. Sirisha Naidu, Chief sales officer, YouEX

Working for about 22 years, Sirisha Naidu has made a lot of connections. As a Chief sales officer of YouEX, Naidu believes that for a leader to keep his stake high and maintain his standard he must know how to promote his products and where to promote products. There are still numerous companies whose products we are using on a daily basis but don’t recognize the brand when it comes to a unique identity. "This year I want to proactively reach out to people in the network and strengthen old connections. Doing this puts me in a good position later when needed to brand myself or my company. Connect with other people is my Motto of 2023. Touching base with people is great. So many people reach out on Social Media when they need something, but they don’t build a relationship. I would like to choose a few people who have made an impact on Me and endorse them or write a recommendation on social media" says Sirisha Naidu, Chief sales officer, YouEX

2. Megha Poddar- Founder & CEO, White Light Food

White Light Foods, started its journey way back in 2019 in Mumbai, by a foodpreneur Mrs. Megha Poddar, who left age-old family business of Siyaram group to tap on the Asian food segment. White Light Food is into manufacturing and selling of complete hand-churned readymade cooking sauces and believe in bringing the authentic Asian culinary experience right to consumers' plate in the comfort of their home while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. "Though I don’t believe in setting resolutions only on a new year as inspiration for good learnings and changes should happen on a daily basis. However to list down my priority framework in short here it goes.

1. Work Hard- with consistency and discipline, 

2. Wait for 3/4 mins before giving a reaction to anything or anyone,

3. Health is most precious,

4. Surround yourself with people who resonate with your mindset,

5. Be kind,

6. Believe more in the universal energies guiding us and

7. Have a healthy work-home-self balance" says Megha Poddar, Founder & CEO, White Light Food.

3. Baruni Verma, founder of Starkle

Starkle is a new-age fine jewellery brand creating trendy and affordable gold and diamond jewellery for the younger generation. "Our community of patrons has grown by leaps and bounds in 2022 thanks to social media and we are grateful for all the positive feedback that has come our way. My resolution for 2023 is all about growth. We will be working on growing our product line with new designs of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants, taking care to incorporate our community’s suggestions.  We will also be working on expanding our audience by acquainting young individuals to the merits of fine jewellery- sustainable accessories that last forever and have re-sale value; and the fact that one does not have to spend exorbitantly to own real jewellery. As a women-run brand, another one of our aims is to encourage women to buy their own diamonds rather than wait for a man to so do”.

4. Bhoomi Kenia & Batul Motiwala, Co-founders, Perky Souls

Perky souls is a Baby of Batul Motiwala and Bhoomi Kenia, co-founders, having a deep-dive knowledge of the digital and media industry for 10+ years. Perky Souls, as the name goes are the souls who explore unexplored places and eat to their heart's content by wandering in various restaurants. "It’s been a roller coaster journey for us, swinging through highs and lows and reaching our dream destination every day. This year we plan to work towards these resolutions or plans to take our Perky Souls to next level. These are

1. We are hell-bent to help every business reach their “Cloud 9”,

2. Just snoop out of bed and explore the unexplored paths,

3. We intend to eat to our heart's content and bring some delicious foods to your plates! Our friends and family have always said to us ”Go for it girls” and we truly go for it! We want to say to all the girls out there, Reach out for your destination and live your life" said Bhoomi Kenia & Batul Motiwala, Co-founders of Perky Souls.

5. Abhishek Sharma Co-Founder & COO, Fashinza

Abhishek Sharma, together with Pawan Gupta and Jamil Ahmad, co-founded Fashinza to simplify apparel sourcing through the use of technology. Abhishek wants to empower the Indian MSMEs – the backbone of Indian economy – by providing them with an ecosystem where there is complete transparency and where MSMEs get a chance to work with both national as well as international brands to earn more profits. “2023 could be a year of opportunities or upheavals as far as business is concerned. My new-year resolution is to work closely with my team and to take bold strides in order to make the most of everything. The bottom line is to keep moving forward, to make the most of both the opportunities and the hurdles. I have learnt that if you stick to the plan but still remain flexible to make calculated detours, as a business you can go far in order and also reach your goal. So, as I said, I plan to maintain a steady course, and all of us at Fashinza have tightened our seatbelts for an exciting 2023.”

6. Shagufta Hanaphie, Founder, SHE (Shagufta Hanaphie Events)

SHE (Shagufta Hanaphie Events) is a PR & Event boutique publicity agency based in Kolkata City, India. The agency has a rich mix of experience as which gives the necessary diversity to craft well as young talent, communication and design for a hybrid media landscape. SHE is founded by award winning
entrepreneur, PR &event curator Shagufta Hanaphie and for her curating events is about communicating and engaging in ideas with other people.  "The event industry continues to grow tremendously year after year, so making a name for yourself can sometimes be hard to do. Each event provides me with a new opportunity to learn new strategies and skills. I always like to take advantage of the unexpected learning opportunities that are created from previous events’ mistakes, challenges and embrace the newness. this year 2023, I have a few more events to add to my bucket. I also look forward to engaging in individuals, educationist, Homeprenurs , SME'S, in a better platform. One of them is to incorporate midfulness and wellness into my events " says Shagufta Hanaphie, Founder, SHE (Shagufta Hanaphie Events).

7. Manish Jha, founder, Janadhar India

Manish Jha is a seasoned psephologist, political consultant and election strategist in India. He has been demonstrating innovative strategies to win elections. After successful campaigns in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur in 2022, Manish Jha and his team is now gearing up for 2023 with new solutions for socio-political sector." This year we want to,

1. Empower voters with Assembly Report Card, there’s no available platform that gives voters an overview of the elected representative’s performance. Janadhar India, is launching Assembly Report Card in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana states in 2023, 

2. We are launching a new solution that would help managing volunteers at ease. We have made this tool that would help in onboarding or registration of volunteers, felicitating volunteers, communication, and evaluate performance and more,

3. We have developed a unified communication platform that would enable organizations to communicate with their audience through difference media. The platform is AI driven and will give you the right media plan including mobile, digital, and on-ground" says Manish Jha, founder of Janadhar India.

8. Piyush Madan, CEO, Trangile Services

Piyush Madan is a serial entrepreneur and leads the fast-growing Trangile Services as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). At Trangile Services, Piyush is committed to re-envision tech consulting space by helping clients identify automation opportunities across retail, logistics, life sciences, and banking and financial services. Piyush says, "In our name lies our resolutions for the year as a team. Trangile means ‘Transformation with Agility.’ As a services company, we help large and medium-sized companies achieve their digital transformation journeys but with agility. So our resolution for the year 2023 is to build transformation roadmaps for our customers. We need to listen to them and this is what we, as a team, resolve to do more keenly this year. We will continue to innovate and create use-cases of automation in the Retail and Logistics space. We will focus on implementations with our OEM partners (Oracle, INFOR and Antworks) and grow our academy to help provide skilled and trained manpower in our customer IT realms to win with them. We will make sure to give maximum value to our investors. In the past, we have opened offices in UK, London and this year we will focus on expanding our footprint in the European market."

9. Ms Vijayalakshmi Kesharwala, CEO, Svasti Devi Ayurveda

When Vijayalakshmi Kesharwala was a leading TV journalist, her colleagues and Bollywood celebrities she interviewed always asked her secrets of her hair and skincare regime. That was probably when the seeds of Svasti Devi Ayurveda - a beauty brand creating holistic natural beauty products - were sown. A post graduate in Mass Media & Marketing, who worked with channels such as Times Now. News 24/E24, Kesharwala is also an owner of the Karjat Heritage Resort near Mumbai. She promises to expand the range of Svasti Devi Ayurveda's range of products in 2023, and also provide employment to more women. "My new year resolution is to add refined and researched Ayurvedic products to suit all Indian skin types. We already have the very popular Ambar Lip Balm, I would love to add a range of kajals too. We would also like to take on more women in our workforce and provide them with employment opportunities," says Kesharwala. She added "We base all our handmade products that are created using traditional methods on the essence of Ayurveda. These products are free from harsh chemicals, sulphates, parabens, non-GMO, and cruelty-free."

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