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  26 May 2021  Inspiring life story of an B.Tech dropout who believed in ‘I am Worth More Than This'

Inspiring life story of an B.Tech dropout who believed in ‘I am Worth More Than This'

Published : May 26, 2021, 9:54 pm IST
Updated : May 26, 2021, 9:54 pm IST

Pratik Kale is one such person who has seen many setbacks in life but today is the World's 1st Marketing PsychologistTM

Pratik Kale
 Pratik Kale

“On a mission to transform the mindset & make people super focused towards ONE GOAL”  -Pratik Kale

When you take chances, you realise that there will be times when you succeed and times when you fail and that both are vital. Only one thing that prevents a dream from becoming a reality is the fear of failure. And once you've defeated it, you'll always be able to achieve new heights. Pratik Kale is one such person who has seen many setbacks in life but today is the World's 1st Marketing PsychologistTM.

No one can tell how much hard work he has put in to get to where he is today. His problems began in college when he was able to gain a spot in a prestigious aviation institution, but he ended up getting 13 backlogs in his first year, since then he had little interest in studying.

He was under a lot of societal pressure, and he couldn't see his worried parents' faces. It wasn't just his parents' hard-earned money at stake; but his parents, like any other middle-class family, were concerned about his future. He didn't give up hope, though, and pursued his childhood passion of becoming a dancer.

Spending two years practising on the dance floor led to an opportunity for him to travel to Kenya with a dance crew and he opened two dance studios in Bangalore with friends. Everything was going perfectly well for him, but God had other plans for him. He was duped by his buddies because he had no knowledge on how to run a business.

In 2013, he quit dance and relocated to Pune, where he began his career as a salesperson from the bottom up, learning everything he could about human psychology and ethical persuasion techniques. With this strategy, he progressed through Magic Holidays, Club Mahindra, Dominos, Subway, WNS, Vodafone, XDBS, and Tech Mahindra, all the while honing a new talent that was revolutionising marketing.

He began working as a Digital Marketing Manager for a company, receiving a terrific salary of INR 80,000. But he'd always wanted to do more, so he took the risky step of quitting his job and starting his own company. Every day was a hardship for him because he had no business expertise, and seeing his parents' displeased expression every day devastated him from the inside. His network of friends began to dwindle as well, and he endured a trying year.

When one realises all they can afford is a one-time dinner and their rent is due, many people lose money. However, the words "I'm worth more than this" helped him win the battle. He performed odd jobs as a pizza delivery driver and a Subway cleaner to make ends meet. By this time, he'd lost 8.7 lacs and was left with nothing but hope.

However, 2017 was a year of hope for him, and things began to improve for him, and his firm began to run smoothly with high-end clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Godrej, Lodha Group, Peter England, Super Sox, JW Marriott, and a few more worldwide names.

There has been no turning back in his life since then. He now has over 6 years of sales, strategy, planning, and digital marketing experience. He is also the co-founder of the Women Intellectual NetworkTM and Psychogyi InternationalTM, as well as the host of the popular 1 Million Women PodcastTM and the owner of Digitise Factory Pvt LtdTM, a full-fledged digital marketing agency.

After years of struggle, he has finally arrived at a position of abundance thanks to a simple realisation: "I'm worth more than this." This single statement is sufficient for anyone who aspires to take control of their life but lacks the courage to do it. Every one of us has the desire to follow the path less travelled, but courage is what distinguishes champions from regular people.

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