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  28 Oct 2020  Coronavirus Impact – Millennials Learn The Truth About Health Insurance Sanity

Coronavirus Impact – Millennials Learn The Truth About Health Insurance Sanity

Published : Oct 28, 2020, 5:23 pm IST
Updated : Oct 28, 2020, 5:23 pm IST

India was part of a growing market for health insurance with as many as 82% of Indians showing a change in their attitudes towards insurance

Beware of Coronavirus!
 Beware of Coronavirus!

ReMark's 7th annual Global Consumer Study (GCS) about life and health insurance has reported that the Generation Z – or ‘Millennials’ – were the most influenced by the health & mortality risk arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, India was part of a growing market for health insurance with as many as 82% of Indians showing a change in their attitudes towards insurance. This is one of the wide-ranging impacts of Coronavirus, just like an increase in work-from-home opportunities and many other things.

Quite surprisingly, the most positive outcome of this crisis has been the younger generation’s behavioral change towards saving money as well as investing in life & health insurance. This apparently reckless generation is now waking up to smell the benefits of health insurance, which has provided companies like Max Bupa Family Health Insurance a chance to ensure a safety net for individuals and families alike.

Responsible Medical Insurance Plan

The Indian economy, unlike that of many other nations, even in the West, remained steadfast in face of the gloom that the year 2020 brought with it, starting March-end. Despite several phases of lockdown, the Indian middle-class chugged along even as the situation with Coronavirus went from bad to worse! However, one thing that took a hit was personal and family health! Stuck inside the four walls, the millennials were forced to think of alternate ways to ensure a healthy life for themselves as well as for their family, which may include a set of parents, a spouse, child, even grandparents or in-laws. When the Covid-19 pandemic started hitting closer to home, they decided it was time to look for a responsible medical insurance plan, in case a hospital visit became imminent. With job security and a steady salary, including higher disposable income, the Indian youth didn’t just give rise to AC cab rides or home-delivered gourmet food, but also a new range of medical insurance plans. Even if someone didn’t have to deal with the pressures of having dependent parents, grandparents or spouse, the safe knowledge of being guarded by a reasonable health insurance plan seemed like a good choice to make during Covid-19 era.

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Just like it is imperative to get an education, start a family and ‘settle down’ in life, Corona has taught the young Indian millennials the value of a comprehensive health insurance plan, like Max Bupa’s Health Premia Insurance Plan or a specific plan that covers hospitalisation for Covid-19 like the Corona Kavach Plan. In a grim situation, these comprehensive health plans will not let you go bankrupt paying the treatment bills. The specter of hospitalization is very real, and it is already affecting millions worldwide. Therefore, for the young India, it is the best time to re-evaluate their insurance cover, especially in case of hospitalization. The average family income won’t be able to bear the brunt of average hospitalization for any disease other than common cold or fever. Whether you are looking for hospitalization coverage, regular health check-ups, maternity coverage, new-age treatments, or hassle-free claim settlement, Max Bupa plans offer you comprehensive cover for all modern treatments. Even if you would like to think beyond the Corona pandemic, the plans and policies of Max Bupa are the best security cover for you and your family.

So, whether you are in the midst of the pandemic or thinking of the long-term well-being of your family’s health, you urgently need to check out the health insurance plans available in the market and make an informed choice for a safe and healthy future. So, whether you are a millennial with a steady income and with or without any family responsibility, health insurance is for you!

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