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The communication gap is increasing!

Published : Dec 12, 2018, 1:51 am IST
Updated : Dec 12, 2018, 1:51 am IST

The preceding point may be illustrated by citing the hype about Ayodhya issue raised by politicians at different levels.

(Photo: Pixabay)
 (Photo: Pixabay)

Communication gap in today’s era is increasing as speedily as tools of communication. There are perhaps endless interpretations of what communication gap really means. It all depends on persons involved and circumstances. Communication gap surfaces when there is difficulty in understanding the message being communicated, is misunderstood and/or no importance is given to understand whatever is being communicated.

In Indian politics, communication gap surfaces prominently during electoral campaigns. Prospects of rival parties viewing most controversial issues from the same political lens may be viewed as good as non-existent. Nor can they be expected to praise each other. So they may talk about the same issue but with totally contrary objectives.


Politically speaking, communication strategies are deliberately manipulated between rivals to try and convince the people how they differ from each other and will be better than the other in living up to their commitments. Communication gap is more pronounced and significant when it comes to how politicians’ messages are understood by people in general. Of course, politicians at all levels feel pleased at the assumption that what they desire has been understood and accepted by people. The nature of media coverage accorded to their campaigns adds to their confidence. But, if politicians and even political strategists remain oblivious of electorate analysing the former’s message from their own perspective, this is symbolic of communication gap.


The preceding point may be illustrated by citing the hype about Ayodhya issue raised by politicians at different levels. Certainly, substantial media coverage has been accorded to them. However, people’s reaction has not been ignored. In general, the people have viewed political noise over Ayodhya as a part of political campaign for parliamentary elections. Those who have voiced support have laid emphasis on their religious leanings.

Diplomatic communication, particularly when it comes to India-Pakistan ties, has rarely been devoid of some gap, void and even error. Notwithstanding the significance of Kartarpur Corridor’s diplomatic significance, particularly for Indian Sikhs, prospects of the same contributing to normalisation of India-Pakistan ties soon may be viewed as practically non-existent. Communication gap in their bilateral ties is primarily based on their differences over several issues. So while in one tone, it is normal for leaders of both nations to talk of improving relations, in another, it is but natural for them to refer to their old disputes. Informally, both countries have acknowledged that chances of their coming to any agreement over these differences are no where around the corner. That is, communication gap of this nature may be expected to prevail.


Interestingly, global diplomacy is marked by communication gap at numerous levels. Give a thought to the United Nations Organisation. What relevance does this really have in uniting the world? Communication gap arising from differences of opinion on international issues, dominance of primarily only a few key powers’ stand and other such factors have only contributed to greater chaos and crises in most parts of the world. This symbolises the extremely negative impact of communication gap, when the errors that it can lead to are barely paid any attention.

Speaking on a lighter note, communication gap of some nature prevails at all levels from home to global. At home, there may be nothing surprising about differences in taste for food, decoration, cup of tea/coffee and numerous others, including sleeping hours. In certain quarters, these may be viewed as normal and in others spell havoc if these lead to communication gap!


The writer is a senior journalist

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