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Three times the Terror!

Published : May 13, 2019, 5:48 am IST
Updated : May 13, 2019, 5:50 am IST

With the release of the trailer of Stranger Things -Season 3, we look back at what made this series a must watch for everyone.

A still from the show Stranger Things
 A still from the show Stranger Things

Stranger Things (Netflix)
Starring: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown.
Rating: (Five Stars)

Stranger Things recently released the trailer for season three and fans are going crazy. Already renewing their Netflix accounts, they are eagerly waiting its release which will happen sometime in July.

It is not every day that a portal opens into an alternate dimension. So, in the small town of Hawkins, when young Will Byers goes missing, search squads, police officers and the residents only scrape the nooks and corners of the earthly dimension. It takes the arrival of a waffle-loving girl with a shaved head and super powers to help open the eyes of the world to the Upside Down, an alternate dimension where Will is hiding from a monster.

Season one was a flashback into the 80s where a bunch of children: the uncool, and outcasts – Dustin, Lucas and Mike navigate their way through middle school while embarking on a mission to find their lost friend Will.  Chief Hopper takes the risky step of investigating the eerie lab while Joyce Byers, pumped with maternal instincts, puts up fairy lights and communicates with her child trapped in the dark and scary world of Upside Down. Meanwhile, the boys are joined by the powerful Eleven who fights with bullies and leads them to the secrets of the unknown.

Amidst all the drama, is also the classic high school romance between Nancy and Steve, onlooked by the weird Jonathan Byers. In the process of frantically searching for his younger brother, Jonathan manages to capture Nancy’s admiration and surprisingly, Steve, Nancy’s former lover who was until then the bad boy, undergoes realisation and redemption.  The trio finally end up in a rather dramatic encounter with the monster of the Upside Down, in the living room of the Byer home.

Season one ends with Byer back in his house, Eleven is missing, Barbara is deceased and Steve in the rather difficult position of having to baby sit the boys.

After the roller coaster ride of season one, season two came as an out of the world experience, literally and figuratively. By now, the Upside Down has grown and spread. They now have to worry about an army of demadogs!

Will slowly recovers from the trauma of his entrapment, the boys find a new friend in Max, Joyce bonds with Chief Hopper, Eleven eats more waffles and  goes off to find her sister – and together they start a battle with the demadogs of the Upside Down.

Stranger Things with just two seasons has created a world of terror, excitement, superpowers and an uncanny warmth. While Eleven with Hopper and Will with Joyce takes you back home to the memory of your homes, the boys takes you back to memories of school and their fight with imaginary monsters reminds each of us of the battle we fought as children.
—  Angel Maria

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