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The stability mandate: What our people want and deserve

Published : May 23, 2019, 5:15 am IST
Updated : May 23, 2019, 5:16 am IST

Political parties across the spectrum need to now understand that the elections are over.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
 Prime Minister Narendra Modi

We have just about  gotten out of election euphoria, when in comes the Exit Poll euphoria. And even as we get out of that, we have Results Day Live happening in our lives. I really do believe the ECI must seriously considering declaring Vote Counting Day a public holiday! The whole nation is going to be watching results as they trickle out electronically from the EVMs that hold the secret.

But is it really a secret at all? Haven't the Exit Polls spilled the beans? Or have they?

I do believe Exit Polls are difficult exercises. There is a method and a madness. Yes, there is a method to this, but the madness lies in the extrapolation of data points, that just may or may not be right!

If we are to trust exit polls, the exit polls across television channels point clearly at a big mandate for the BJP with yet another term for PM Narendra Modi. And if this is what the final results will throw up, that's a mandate for stability.

What do I expect from a government at the Centre?
Stability for a start. A stable government is what we as a nation deserve today. India lies at the cusp of glory. Our rather big and hungry market is an attraction for all. As the world creeps in terms of growth, India trots. What we therefore need is an eco-system of stability. An eco-system that takes the myriad masses of India together in the march towards growth and progress. We need jobs. Farmers need security. And India needs unity. Any government that can address all these primary needs, uniting the segments that have been thrown asunder during the rather noisy and nasty election campaign 2019,with a big dose of love,  is welcome.

Political parties across the spectrum need to now understand that the elections are over. Time to bury differences, and time to work with a common goal for the good of all.

As everyone pretends to know what is going ot happen as EVMs wait ot be opened, the fact remains that none of us know. Nor or we meant to, till the results are declared!  Till then, "God only knows"!

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