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  India   PM to Congress: Take vow on new year to let Parliament work

PM to Congress: Take vow on new year to let Parliament work

Published : Jan 1, 2016, 6:16 am IST
Updated : Jan 1, 2016, 6:16 am IST

‘You ruled 60 years... Don’t block growth now’

‘You ruled 60 years... Don’t block growth now’

As 2015 comes to an end, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged the Congress to take a New Year resolution to let Parliament function for the sake of development. Attacking the Opposition party, Mr Modi said the Congress, which had enjoyed power for over six decades, had no right to destroy Parliament’s functioning for “political reasons” and hold back the country’s development.

The recently-ended Winter Session of Parliament had seen the NDA government getting cornered on various issues, particularly in the Rajya Sabha where it lacks a majority. Some key bills like that on the Goods and Services Tax remain pending in the Upper House.

In Noida to unveil a plaque to mark the laying of the foundation stone of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway, the PM said the NDA government was taking measures to benefit the poor.

“I specially request them. Tomorrow is January 1. When you are celebrating New Year today, please also take a vow that you will not put hurdles in the functioning of Parliament any more, will allow Parliament to run, allow the nation to move forward, will let it take decisions for the welfare of the poor people of the country and create opportunities for employment,” the Prime Minister said while addressing the public on the last day of 2015.

He further said there are some old laws that had become obsolete, and keeping in mind the welfare of the poor and the country’s economic development, it had become necessary to bring new laws on many issues. “This is the misfortune of the country that the Parliament of India, where laws are made, is not allowed to function now. Those who have been rejected by the people have kept Parliament in siege. They do not allow Parliament to run,” Mr Modi said.

Urging all political parties to stop this practice, the PM singled out the Congress, saying while he understands the “anger” of those who haven’t yet got a chance to form a government, the Congress, which has “enjoyed” all kinds of power in the country for the last 60 years, had no right to “destroy” Parliament for “political reasons”.

“I am not getting a chance to speak in Lok Sabha but I am making this request in jan sabha. People have sent us to Parliament to debate, discuss and decide by consultation together. It is our responsibility to accord priority to the work and complete it for which the people have sent us here... This responsibility specially lies on those who have ruled the country for over 60 years. They know what is government, what is Parliament and how necessary it is to have Parliament function... More than us this is known to those (Congress) who have run governments in this country for 50-60 years and given dozens of Prime Ministers,” Mr Modi said.

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