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Buy artwork the smart way

Published : Sep 8, 2019, 1:35 am IST
Updated : Sep 8, 2019, 1:35 am IST

Your interior deserves sumblime art. but, is there any tech fairy to grant your wish while you sit and relax after a hefty week of work?

Pictures for representational purposes only
 Pictures for representational purposes only

In the fast lifestyle of today, choosing home décor items by visiting multiple stores across the city has become a huge no-no for millennials. And, thus, just like how it is with everything else, home paraphernalia has become commonly accessible through e-commerce apps and websites. Art pieces are not exempted from this trend either. However, just like with clothes and accessories, it is possible that after falling in love with a particular work of art, one comes to discover that it does not suit the space aesthetically.

Art pieces are delicate and, thus, most vendors would not want to take them back, after facilitating a hefty delivery process.


Adarsh, a creative writer by profession and an art enthusiast, shares that back at his home in Lucknow, his walls are filled with art pieces. But, “Now that I have shifted to Delhi and it hasn’t even been a month, I don’t have much access to art stores. I am not sure about the art scene in this city. However, there are certain websites that seem to have nice collections, and I have been thinking of using these lately.”

Therefore, leading brands have come up with rendering engines that allow patrons to visualise how the art will look at their homes. The ability to create a real-size render of a painting allows the buyers to select works that match the context of the place, which is often their primary consideration. The engine also helps them select the right size and style of framing.


For instance, if we take platforms such as Eikowa as an example, a user first visits the website or app and chooses a painting or wall hanging. Then, a page details the dimensions of the painting, and the option to view the work in a favourable interior set-up pops up. The buyer can easily add an image of their actual wall here, or choose a pre-uploaded image — and voila, say goodbye to most of your doubts! This way, you have complete clarity of mind, before spending a bomb on the particular work of art. Other home décor websites such as Kaatak, Customised Homes and The Roots, are also similarly equipped with rendering features.

This way, while people still pretty much prefer to go out and visit exhibitions and auctions when it comes to owning art pieces, techies and creative individuals have come up with this easy-breezy solution for the busy-headed millennial.


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