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Going places with printmaking

Published : Apr 11, 2017, 12:19 am IST
Updated : Apr 11, 2017, 12:19 am IST

Artist Gouri Vemula, who will be visiting the States as part of an artist exchange programme, talks about printmaking.

Gouri Vemula
 Gouri Vemula

Whether it is the expensive paints or laborious process, printmaking isn’t an easy art form. But, despite the challenges, artist Gouri Vemula, not only practises the art form but is deeply passionate about it too. And it is this passion that is literally taking her places. Gouri has now been selected to be part of an art residency in the States, where she will also conduct a printmaking workshop and will showcase her work in an art show.

Talking about the residency Gouri says, “I had sent my work to artist Chippa Sudhakar and it was shortlisted for the show in the US. This artist exchange programme is an initiative of Banyan Hearts Studio. The organisation liked my work. I will also be conducting a printmaking workshop in the Union Art College.” Apart from Gouri, several other artists from across the country will be displaying their work in the show.


One of artist Gouri Vemula’s work that will be part of an art show in the US.One of artist Gouri Vemula’s work that will be part of an art show in the US.

Talking about her tryst with printmaking she says, “My drawings have been strong and when artist Laxma Goud saw my work, he told me that I should take up printmaking. That pretty much sums up how this journey started,” says Gouri who is part of the two-day printmaking workshop, Akua, by Banyan Hearts Studio.

Gouri is passionate about printmaking, but she says that the art form comes with several challenges. “Printmaking isn’t easy. People don’t buy a lot of prints because they feel that they have other editions and it is not exclusive. We have to spend a lot of money on the art supplies and if one is using zinc and copper plates to create then they would require a press and a studio, so it isn’t easy,” says the artist who worked with Laxma Goud for over two years.


Despite all that struggle Gouri is happy that her hard work and passion have paid off. She says, “It is an honour to be part of a programme like this and I hope more people take up this art form.”

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