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It’s a colourful feeling

Published : Oct 11, 2019, 11:36 pm IST
Updated : Oct 11, 2019, 11:36 pm IST

This solo art exhibition showcases the work of an artist who is intent upon evoking a feeling, and not a form, with his paintings.

Morning, forest (oil on linen): “This one embodies all prevasive light hiding in the dense-rich browns.”
 Morning, forest (oil on linen): “This one embodies all prevasive light hiding in the dense-rich browns.”

‘Ellipsis’ signifies the three dots that one usually places at the end of a statement when they want a listener to interpret the silence. Artist Rahul Inamdar, who choose the word as the title for his latest solo exhibition, feels that it captures the essence of the abstract art he makes. The exhibition consists of eight large works and eight smaller works.

Talking about his work and style, Rahul says, “The way I work is that one thing leads to another. It’s not that there is a theme that I pick up and work on. There is no particular shape or message that I try to convey to the audience and the work here could come across as a colour or maybe just strokes, but are abstract works.”


Never been trained as an artist, Rahul actually hails from a mechanical engineering background. He started painting back in 2007 and the happiness he found painting led him to become a full-time artist.

Talking about the medium Rahul uses, he says, “I use mostly oil paints and the kind of canvas I use is a linen canvas instead of a cotton one. With it, I get a fine view, which is very tight, and the tension the canvas has is a lot more than cotton canvas.”

He believes that the kind of friction and texture he needs in his work comes from the medium he uses. According to Rahul, a good piece of work is made once. So he does not believe in compromising with the elements. He shares, “I use a lot of oil in my work but the paint quality and fragmentations is much higher so that I don’t compromise on the look of my work and the intensity of colour. So if you look at the work you will find the colour prominent without it being loud.”  


The exhibition was held recently at the Threshold Art Gallery in the city.

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