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Published : Dec 5, 2020, 6:21 pm IST
Updated : Dec 5, 2020, 6:21 pm IST

For that long-lasting finish, celebs are going for a unique Korean beauty trick

Jamsu is a Korean makeup trick
 Jamsu is a Korean makeup trick

All over the world, the picture-perfect beauty of celebrities has constantly been the envy of ordinary women. We wonder what makeup tricks they use to achieve their fabulous looks. Well, here’s one secret - Many celebrities, including Katrina Kaif and Jaqueline Fernandez, swear by the Jamsu method – a Korean beauty hack.
While every beauty enthusiast endorses some Korean tip or the other, this wonderfully weird technique which claims to give the perfect matte finish to your skin is the new hot favourite in India. Jamsu involves submerging your fully made-up face in a bowl of cold water in order to ‘seal’ the cosmetics.
Diving for beauty
Jamsu means ‘submerging’ or ‘diving’, and hence it is also known as ‘diving makeup.’ The trick was first introduced to the world by a Japanese beauty blogger over YouTube. And it didn’t take much time to become a huge hit everywhere.
It involves minimum products and little skill, yet it works wonders.
Jamsu technique aims to ‘set’ the makeup and it leaves you with a melt-proof matte finish which is apt for humid Indian summers. “This technique promises to not only give you  flawless skin, but also to make your makeup last all day, especially in summer,” says beautician Neena Singh.
However, people with dry skin should use this method sparingly, cautions Neena. “People who have oily skin can use this method every day but it is not recommended for those who have dry skin. The drier your skin the lesser it should be used,” she says.

How does it work?

1. Start with cleansing your face in a regular manner. Use a mild cleanser and exfoliate gently. Wash your face and pat it dry.. 
2. Moisturize your face as usual.
3. Apply a good quality makeup primer and blend it well. Follow this with a suitable shade of foundation and concealer one by one.
4. Once you are done with these regular steps of makeup, cover your face with a branded loose powder generously by using a large fluffy brush.
5. Let it sit for a few minutes. During this time, your body heat will melt down the powder and help in setting your makeup.
 6. Now, take a large bowl filled with cold water and submerge your powdered face completely into it.
7. If you have normal to oily skin, hold yourself in that position for around 30 seconds. People with dry skin can do it only for 15 seconds.
8. Pat the face dry very gently with a soft towel.

Tips You Must Know

If you have a sensitive skin, replace your loose powder with a baby powder.
Instead of covering different parts of your face with powder, cover it entirely.
Apply thicker layers of powder.
Do not keep your face submerged for more than 30 seconds. Or else, your base makeup will be ruined.

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