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Look before you ‘lip’

Published : Feb 6, 2019, 2:28 am IST
Updated : Feb 6, 2019, 2:28 am IST

Designer pouts are trending and here are all the various looks you can choose from.

 A picture of Kylie Jenner used for representational purposes only.
  A picture of Kylie Jenner used for representational purposes only.

The lips are a very important feature of our face and there is no denying that beautiful lips can make anyone swoon over you. However, it is a well-known fact that our lips lose their collagen and hyaluronic acid with time as we get older, which makes them thinner subsequently. It is very important for us to take care of our lips and make them look luscious and voluminous. But have you ever wondered if you ever wanted to change the way your lips looked? Popular actors like  Shruti Hassan, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra have also modified their lips to look a certain way.

What are designer lips?
If you’ve not missed your regular social networking binge session, you must have come across at least one of those posts which have models with very peculiar yet attractive lip shapes. To be honest, those posts/photos are very intriguing and make many of us wonder if this is something we could try on ourselves.

Just like designer handbags, shoes, clothes and everything fancy, designer lips are an actual thing and are trending among people as well.

Lip fillers are injections which add volume to your lips and help augment your lips by giving them shape and definition. The lip shape can be improved to a great extent with these hyaluronic acid fillers.

Some of the most trending lip designs are:

The heart-shaped lips: Also very famously known as the cupid’s bow. As the name itself suggests, the primary focus is on the cupid’s bow of your face. A person with a well-defined cupid’s bow will have heart-shaped lips. Which means the focus would be on enhancing your cupid’s bow along with adding volume to your lower lip.

The ellipsis: These are the thick and voluminous lips which are projecting forward. These are one of the most demanded lip designs due to the trend of pouting. They are more like puffy lips; aka the Kylie Jenner lips.

Ribbon lips: The best option for  people who are looking for something very subtle. Ribbon lips add a negligible amount of contouring to the lips and make the appearance softer and smoother. A bit of volume is increased on the upper lip for that soft finish of a ribbon.

The bow: They are ideal for people who yearn for long and medium voluminous lips. People who have smaller lips tend to go for this one since it focuses on enhancing the cupid’s bow by making it a bit longer and adding volume to the lower lip.

The apple: They are also called the Angelina Jolie lips. Apple shaped lips do not focus much on making the cupid’s bow accentuated rather it focuses on the volume and shape of the lips. Beautiful rounded lips which are centrally located is what draws people towards this particular shape.

Anyone who loves a bit of experimentation or wants to change the way they look can opt for these contours.

Kylie Jenner’s lips brought a revolutionary change in her life and made her the youngest self-made billionaire because of her company which focused predominantly on making people believe that they could get lips as good as hers. The confidence of having perfect lips can surely take you places!

– The writer is a dermatologist.

  Disclaimer: Always check with a specialist before going ahead with this procedure.

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