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Wear your Expression

Published : Sep 11, 2017, 12:39 am IST
Updated : Sep 11, 2017, 12:39 am IST

The visual T-shirt has given a lot of important movements especially feminism, the rightful branding it needed.

Jacqueline Fernandez rocks this trend in an airport look!
 Jacqueline Fernandez rocks this trend in an airport look!

There is no holding back this season. Say it like you mean it as slogan T-shirts have been all the rage this season!A bold movement on behalf of several international designers, these wordy T-shirts are making the rounds in the fashion circles since New York Fashion Week in spring this year, making this a political movement as well.

Katrina Kaif stuns even in basics!Katrina Kaif stuns even in basics!

The trend has been adopted just as well by celebrities including international stars, Emily Rajatkowski, Kendall Jenner and ever our very fashionistas Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and the lot, who have made a choice to put what we're all thinking out there. Designer Deepta Raghunath says, “This trend stormed in the US markets and has now made its way it to the Indian market after its booming in the runways. It’s cool trendy and peppy, it gives out fun and political messages. This is absolutely perfect for youth as there is a tinge of satirical humour in the slogans as well. 

Anushka Sharma’s T-shirt does all the talking!Anushka Sharma’s T-shirt does all the talking!

The visual T-shirt has given a lot of important movements especially feminism, the rightful branding it needed.  We do live in an ultra-expressive age. Everyone wants to be seen or heard. Tongue-in-cheek statements make this such a fun trend and it makes perfect sense as well to be tactful and sharp. Aswathi Balakrishnan, a fashion blogger says, “This I really amazing because T-shirts are so comfortable to wear. These slogan T-shirts gives a wholesome definition to the entire outfit. It’s basic but also quite stylish, keeping things to the point. What you choose to portray is very subjective and really depends on how you feel or think.”

Esha Gupta proudly wears her questions!Esha Gupta proudly wears her questions!

This is indeed quite a massive reflection of our contentious tweet-all culture, because there really are no limits to how we can express ourselves. The blatant nature of this trend is somehow not tacky as the words have been chosen carefully.

Nilu Thapa, a fashion blogger says, “They are a nice way to make a statement and I believe that one should carry off outfits with slogans that they personally believe in and not because a particular slogan is trending. For example, there is a top that says ‘We Should All Be Feminists’, but not everyone believes in it and I believe the ones who wear something like this should actually be a feminist to defend any discussion that arises from this topic.”

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