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Hugs that are not really intimate: the anti-Valentine's series

Published : Feb 12, 2019, 9:08 pm IST
Updated : Feb 12, 2019, 9:54 pm IST

Not all hugs are romantic and we'll tell you how to differentiate between them.

Hugs are not just a physical gesture, they can also be cues and signs to bigger issues regarding interpersonal relationships. (Photo: PixaBay)
 Hugs are not just a physical gesture, they can also be cues and signs to bigger issues regarding interpersonal relationships. (Photo: PixaBay)

It’s Hug day today! You are suppose to hug the most important people in your life today, expressing your gratitude and appreciation for them. But again, it’s Hug Day… You may have to hug a lot of people and maybe not all of them are the people you love, or for that matter even fond of. So here we are to tell you about 5 kinds of hugs that will come in handy in such situations and also help you in knowing if your significant other or your crush isn’t into you the same way you are.

Platonic Hug: These kinds of hugs are usually meaningless and are awkward. There is not much body contact or touch involved. We usually give these kind of hugs when we really are not into a person or even close to them as such. This kind of hug is just a formality that needs to be done and gotten over with. So if you receive any hugs of this kind from your crush or partner, you might want to rethink the whole thing through.


One-arm hug: This is the most common kind of hug; we end up giving and receiving. This hug also clearly shouts ‘friend-zone.’ These kinds of hugs can get a little awkward at times and are usually shared with your friends and acquaintances. So if your beloved gives you this kind of one-arm, side hug, it is a clear sign that you’ve been friend-zoned my friend.

Pat-on-the-shoulder hug: These kinds of hugs are also very common and they act as a gesture of appreciation for your friends and acquaintances, with a personal touch. This hug involves the warmth of a complete hug, followed by a pat on the shoulders or back. They are generally used at social events or while bidding farewell to your dear ones. They have a subtle sense of affectionate associated with them, but not the romantic kind. 


The rag doll hug: This hug can actually be pretty heart-breaking if you’re really into the person whom you are holding onto with all your heart and soul. A rag doll hug is when one person hugs the other very tightly while the other barely reciprocates back. This kind of hug is not very welcoming and it actually is quite the eye opener.

This hug often occurs with people who are big on hugging and go around hugging people on a regular basis. So if you love to hug and these hugs are common occurrences in your life, then maybe you need to rethink the people whom you decide to share your affection with in the future. It is good to be a giving individual, but give yourself to only those who truly value you.


Hug behind closed doors: Lastly, hugs behind closed doors are really fishy. This hug clearly signifies that the person who is involved with you in it is uncomfortable or unable to either express their feelings about you in front of everyone or they simply do not want to do so. They want to keep you a secret from the world and probably only show affection to you only when no one else is around. These hugs are indicative of something definitely being wrong in the relationship. Beware!

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